Thursday’s Catalog and Cocktails podcast season three finale capped Tim and Juan’s most-popular season yet, with the hosts toasting their 95th episode with … Champagne? (Not a cocktail, we know. But, hey, it was a special occasion.)

The episode served as a retrospective of the third season, with Tim and Juan revisiting takeaways from past episodes and awarding "Best Quote” to Sanjeev Mohan for his terrible and excellent pun, “I never metadata I didn’t like.” Ouch.

Looking back at the season as a whole, the hosts identified six major themes that emerged, and highlighted key points and topics addressed by their roster of brilliant guests.

Those themes were:

In this list, we highlight only a small fraction of the excellent insights shared by the podcast’s guests. If you want to hear more on any of these topics, you can easily click through to the episodes.

Modern Data Stack

Semantic Layer/Metrics/Knowledge


Business Value

Juan Sequeda and Catalog and Cocktails guest Luke Slotwinski
Juan Sequeda and Catalog and Cocktails guest Luke Slotwinski


Data Mesh

A knowledge-packed season comes to an end!

But have no fear; Catalog and Cocktails will return! The first episode of season four will be recorded August 24, live at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Orlando, Florida!

We hope to see you there!