Can the Data Mesh be Governed? w/ Dora Boussias

About this episode

Data mesh continues to be a hot topic in 2022, and it feels like we’re finally past the definition stage. The big question to resolve this year is: how do you do federated data governance in a decentralized environment? Can you even do it?

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Dora Boussias, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Data Strategy, for a live brainstorming session on how to implement data governance for the data mesh.

Special Guests:

Dora Boussias

Dora Boussias

Director of Enterprise Architecture and Data Strategy

This episode features
  • The difference between data mesh and virtualization
  • Best practices for federated data governance
  • How long before we start seeing companies offering a “data mesh” as a product?
Key takeaways
  • Decentralized ownership: not one owner
  • Infrastructure as a platform: easily scalable system
  • Data mesh is highlighting the “right” way to do data and knowledge management

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