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Ensuring Highly Distributed Data is Available to All with W. R. Berkley

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Learn how WR Berkley & Singlestone Consulting supported this distributed model with modern data practices and a data catalog built on a knowledge graph.

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Effective digital transformation can be the gateway to unlocking a trillion dollars in business value. Your data? Arguably the most important part of that transformation. But how do you set up your data ecosystem for success? Let’s start with the facts:

  • Your organization will do better when everyone – not just the “data people” – can unlock organizational knowledge

  • You need unwavering trust in your data, 24/7 

  • You want to find and understand data 10x faster

  • You understand that pairing AI with your data catalog isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity


Let’s dive in. In this personalized demo we will:

  • Discuss your data and analysis catalog needs

  • Tour powerful platform features like self-serve data access

  • Answer your questions about how saves teams money, effort, and time

  • Identify opportunities to supercharge your organization’s specific data environment

Leading organizations trust

“It's been exciting to deploy at Indeed because it's the first time we've actually had all this information and metadata in one place. This is really giving us the visibility that we need to bring that focus to both our governance and security programs.”
Meghan Therrien Director, Data Governance, Indeed
“ is a fantastic tool for a data mesh approach because it allows users to search for data even without having direct access to it.”
Miguel Morgado Product Owner
“Imagine managing books without title information, author data, cover images, royalties, or number of chapters. That's what it's like managing data without a catalog. Now, information that once took our data scientists a week to find is discoverable in seconds on”
Rupal Sumaria Head of Data Governance
“If you don’t choose a data catalog platform on a knowledge-graph architecture, and bring in all data and knowledge, governed in one platform, then you are setting yourself up for failure in an AI future.”
Vip Parmar Global Head of Data Management

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