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Improving communication, integration, and automation of workflows is central to any DataOps strategy.’s modern data catalog helps you achieve these goals by unlocking the seamless flow of information between data producers and consumers. But collaboration at scale is only one benefit. Acting as a centralized hub, makes data work reusable and reproducible, increasing the resiliency of your data supply chain. Think of as the backbone of your DataOps strategy.

“The point of DataOps is to change how people collaborate around data and how it is used in the organization.”

Ted Friedman

Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner

How supports DataOps

Centralized knowledge

Simplify data discovery with a central repository designed for self service by even the least technical end user

Automated workflows

Improve efficiency in data work by eliminating tedious, manual tasks and automating important workflows

Fully integrated

Integrate with any of the data tools that are important to your modern data stack

DataOps Catalog: A Front Office for Data & Analytics

Active metadata management

Put your metadata to work for you. Take action and make smarter business decisions with the only data catalog underpinned by a knowledge graph.

  • Continuously process and analyze metadata from across your tech stack
  • Apply graph analysis to automatically build a connected web of data and insights so you can explore the relationships
  • Transform raw data into actionable insights at scale

Resilient data pipelines

Restore trust in your data with full visibility into all your pipelines and data assets. Easily onboard new data sources with configurable tooling.

  • Power data workflows with 100+ pre-built integrations for end-users, including BI, data prep, ML, collaboration, and more
  • Gain instant access to cloud data warehouses and on-premises data stores with data virtualization connectors
  • Know who’s using what datasets and to keep high-demand systems from becoming bottlenecks

True last-mile governance

Fully democratize data with last-mile governance. Make accessing data fully auditable and predictable so it’s easier to manage.

  • Curate tables and sources into domain or use case oriented datasets
  • Explore and join data through federated, virtualized query powered by knowledge graph
  • Request access workflow enables consumers to easily discover data, its related metadata, sample data, and more
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Cross-team collaboration

Break down data silos to improve data literacy organization-wide. Make it easier for anyone to discover, understand, and analyze the data they need.

  • Collaborate in real-time with teammates and subject matter experts
  • Create and apply business descriptions and technical definitions, so everyone understands data in the same way
  • Equip users with powerful search and discovery capabilities along with self-service analytics

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