June 8th:

How to Scale Data Governance Across your Modern Data Stack

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Join industry leaders from dbt Labs, Fivetran, Snowflake, and data.world to learn about the evolving world of metadata management

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DataOps applies agile software development best practices to data management, making data work reusable and reproducible. As the backbone of your DataOps strategy, data.world provides a single place for data producers and consumers to communicate and share important metadata on increasingly complex data pipelines and data-driven applications.

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Deliver trusted & resilient data pipelines

Troubleshoot broken data pipelines and update data consumers on data quality and usage with data.world’s native lineage offering and automated notifications.

Automate workflows

Improve DataOps efficiency by eliminating tedious, manual tasks, and automating important workflows and communications.

Increase confident data use

Create seamless communication between data teams and consumers on data quality and report lifecycle in the data catalog or in applications, like Slack, Tableau, ThoughtSpot, and many more.

"97% of data engineers are feeling burnt out"

Read why burned out data engineers are calling for DataOps in the whitepaper from data.world and DataKitchen

Fully integrated — All your metadata in one place.

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See how data.world enables data producers and consumers to easily communicate and share important metadata — increasing the use of high-quality data.