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February 9th - How to accelerate your cloud data adoption journey

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Whether you lift and shift, lift and improve, or opt to deploy new workloads to the cloud, maintaining consistent data access, policies, and metadata enables self service to accelerate cloud adoption.

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Meet Our Data-Powered Customers

“Getting this information in a common place means a significant improvement in productivity of our data scientists. This process used to take months. Now, they can go online and get this in minutes.”
Partha Srinivasa Former Chief Data Officer
“We now do in half a day what we couldn't do in six months.”
Michael Murray Former President
“With the knowledge graph, we had the ability to establish relationships between data elements, business elements, and decision elements.”
Luke Slotwinski VP of Data and Analytics
“Our technology stack is like a jigsaw puzzle and is the piece that connects everything together. It’s very powerful and unique.”
Vip Parmar Global Head of Data Management
“We most certainly do judge a book by its cover and has the best UI of any data catalog I explored, which is key to grabbing your audience and user adoption.”
Rupal Sumaria Head of Data Governance
“ is a fantastic tool for a data mesh approach because it allows users to search for data even without having direct access to it.”
Miguel Morgado Product Owner
“It's been exciting to deploy at Indeed because it's the first time we've actually had all this information and metadata in one place. This is really giving us the visibility that we need to bring that focus to both our governance and security programs.”
Meghan Therrien Director, Data Governance

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When you purchase a data catalog, you expect results. But software alone doesn’t turn your data workers into knowledge superheroes. You need expert guidance to achieve your goals. At, our Customer Success organization has two primary objectives: delivering a superior customer experience and increasing product adoption.