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Case Study

White Lion Interactive

White Lion Interactive catalogs clients’ data with, as well as datasets covering its core client industries.

White Lion Interactive specializes in digital innovation, offering web design and development for more than two decades. It provides data management services including measurement, statistical analysis, data mining, and visualization.

They saw as the solution not only for cataloging its clients’ data but also for having broader access to diverse datasets covering the industries they serve, including energy and beverage.


The Challenge

White Lion needed to democratize access to data, organizing it in an effective manner while ensuring its integrity. To handle this challenge, they looked for a data catalog with a customer-centric approach to data management that also provides usage consumption data and historical data trends. As a modern data company, White Lion’s data and analytics tech stack includes AWS, Snowflake, and Tableau. Their main use cases were:

  • Data democratization: data was siloed, and most analyses happened on a very ad hoc basis. With people working virtually and remotely, having the ability to rely on one single source of truth, inside a single catalog and data repository, granting access to trusted data was seen as crucial to increase productivity and performance.

  • Data discovery: The company wanted to broaden the use of data by making all relevant information available to everyone inside the organization.

The Solution

White Lion now has one data catalog, with 467 million lines of data, that’s well tagged and organized, fresh and current. Tim says the catalog has opened a new frontier in data management services the company can provide to its clients, including measurement, data mining, and visualization services.’s knowledge graph unlocked advanced search capabilities as well, allowing White Lion to speed time to insights on anything related to data including Tableau dashboards.

“ has given us the ability to have greater awareness of the universe of data that’s out there and available to us and our clients. The other thing it gives us is there’s direct access to data analysis and visualization”

Customer Success

One of White Lion’s customers is the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). The organization is using to determine the environmental impacts of propane including benefits, carbon dioxide emissions, access, and affordability.

“At the top of our discussion is the democratization of data, and what that’s going to look like for a very vital, important field not only to the US but globally.”
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