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A podcast for data people.

Join us for an honest, no-BS, non-salesy conversation about enterprise data management and analytics. This is your 30-minute elixir containing everything interesting about data and metadata management, DataOps, knowledge graphs, and more. Join Juan and Tim as they explore emerging topics and speak with visionary leaders.

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Juan Sequeda

Juan Sequeda

Principal Scientist

Tim Gasper

Tim Gasper

VP of Product

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Steve Whitla

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Latest Episodes:

Modern Data Stack: Technology, Methodology, or both? w/ Nick Schrock

Duration - 59

The modern data stack is often defined by the type of technologies that exist within it. Cloud-based, open source, low/no code tools, ELT, and reverse ETL. But surely there’s more to it… isn’t there? Play Now

Long live the monolith? W/ Andy Palmer

Duration - 57

It wasn’t that long ago that enterprise software was dominated by proprietary data architectures from the likes of IBM, Oracle, and SAP. Once you made a selection, you were stuck with it for better or worse, in sickness and in health. But that’s not the case today. The methodical movement towards resilient, open SaaS applications and best-of-breed tools has ushered in the era of DataOps buoyed by the “modern data stack.” But, is this a good thing? Play Now

Is self-service BI the answer? w/ Cindi Howson

Duration - 59

Self-service is great for listening to music, pumping gas, and figuring out what to binge watch on TV. But is self-service really what we want from our analytics? What happens to the business world when everyone is a data analyst? Play Now

Data tools: the good, the bad, and the ugly w/ Erik Bernhardsson

Duration - 57

New data tools drop daily, but are they worth the hype? Some launch with overinflated expectations, while others solve a problem that doesn’t really exist. On the flip side, there are tools that transform the enterprise and have the potential to change the way we do data forever. The question is, how can you tell the difference? Play Now

Data is the new… Herman Miller Aeron Chair w/ Doug Laney

Duration - 56

If data, and information more broadly, is a company's most important asset, then why is it so often treated with less respect than office furniture? It's in various states of disarray, often unaccounted for, and employees bring it home against corporate policy. Play Now

The Great Data Mesh Debate! With hosts Juan and Tim

Duration - 55

About this episode“What is a data mesh?” It’s one of the most frequently asked questions on this podcast, and is almost a microcosm ... Play Now

Sure you’re responsible, but are you ethical? w/ Partha Srinivasa

Duration - 58

When we think about good, responsible data stewardship, we often think in terms of compliance and governance. We talk about access, trust, and consumption. But there’s another dimension we must consider if we’re to be truly responsible with data. We simply can’t ignore the role of ethics in data use. Play Now

A data analyst, scientist, and engineer walk into a bar…w/ Danielle Oberdier

Duration - 60

Quick, what’s the difference between a data engineer and a data analyst? One preps the data, the other analyzes the data, right? A data scientist, meanwhile, analyzes more complex and disorganized data. The truth is all three of these roles perform overlapping functions leading to an incredible amount of confusion in the job market. Play Now

Do we have a data infrastructure crisis? w/ Mammad Zadeh

Duration - 57

Is your data infrastructure designed for the next decade of data work? Probably not, but are you at least heading in the right direction? It’s an existential question that often reveals fundamental flaws in the system. Play Now

Fashion Week… but for data w/ Jans Aasman

Duration - 57

Join Tim, Juan and guest Jans Aasman from Franz Inc, the makers of AllegroGraph, for a conversation on why your graph-based machine learning and 360 projects should start with data modeling. Play Now

How to think about data value w/ Lars Albertsson

Duration - 59

We all strive to be data-driven. And yet we all instinctively know that we’re not very good at it. In fact, if you believe any number of recent surveys, it seems we may actually be getting worse at data. Play Now

What’s the deal with Reverse ETL? w/ Tejas Manohar

Duration - 42

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Tejas Manohar, CEO of Hightouch for a conversation about Reverse ETL and why it matters now. Play Now

The Era of Data Usage w/ Mike Ferguson

Duration - 58

This week, Tim and Juan are joined by Mike Ferguson, managing director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited to look at why we’re not using data nearly as effectively as we think and what can be done about it. Play Now

You can’t spell Buzzwords without BS w/ Kirk Borne

Duration - 58

We all want to get more value from our data, right? So should we wrangle it, prep it, classify it, mine it, or model it? Then once we’ve got our data squared away, should we do prescriptive or predictive analytics? And does that require real-time or just-in-time data? If we had a nickel for every buzzword we hear, we could afford far better podcasting equipment. Play Now

Free-range, grass-fed, open-source data

Duration - 59

About this episodeOpen source software is one of the largest and fastest growing segments within the data landscape. And if you’re ... Play Now

Documents and Clouds and Graphs, Oh My!

Duration - 59

The data landscape has evolved substantially over the last decade. We’ve gone from data lakes to data hubs to lake houses. We see data represented as documents, columns, graphs, and time series. So how might this evolution continue over the next ten years? Play Now

Season Two Kickoff Episode w/ DJ Patil

Duration - 58

We're "back in the office." Now what? Hear Juan, Tim and Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist, DJ Patil discuss what we learned about data work and data people over the last year. Play Now

Special Edition: Panel of Data Architecture at Knowledge Graph Conference

Duration - 58

Data Architecture is evolving and there are many questions with various perspectives. What is the balance between centralization and decentralization? How do you start treating data as a product? How do you incentivize people? What’s the role of Data Mesh, Data Fabric, Knowledge Graphs? Play Now

Season Finale: A Look Back at Season One

Duration - 63

Join in this season finale for a look back at season one and a candid talk about the lessons learned. Play Now

Episode 49: The Future of BI is AI

Duration - 41

Business intelligence has come a long way since the early days of IBM’s decision support systems. Today BI is the backbone of many data-driven organizations, and companies often look to BI tools to help them make accurate predictions. Play Now

Knowledge is Power: Knowledge Management meets Data Management

Duration - 48

We always talk about managing metadata and data...but what about managing knowledge? It has to be more than keeping a spreadsheet of a business glossary! Play Now

Episode 46: Data Organization: Reap what you Sow

Duration - 44

Every maturing company hits a point where the processes and systems that once worked no longer scale. Don’t let this happen to your data organization. Play Now

Episode 45: What’s the Secret Recipe for DataOps?

Duration - 41

Join Tim, Juan, and Chris Bergh from Data Kitchen for a conversation about DataOps and why it's imperative for your organization. Play Now

Episode 44: Why it’s time to mesh with your data architecture

Duration - 49

Mesh is everywhere. It’s in our clothes, our fishing nets, our Wifi networks, and now our data architecture. But what is a data mesh? Do you need one? And if so, how do you start? Play Now

Episode 43: What do they teach you at Data Science U?

Duration - 38

Get a gist of the Data Science U syllabus as George Fletcher, Professor at TU Eindhoven, discusses how higher level institutions are preparing the future data workforce. Play Now

Episode 42: Power to the Data!

Duration - 35

Know what it takes to shift from an application-centric to a data-centric mindset? There's a couple things to do... and it all starts from right within your organization. Play Now

Episode 41: Building a great data team: Mission (Im)possible

Duration - 39

Your company is making poor decisions about how to bring its latest product to market. Step one is building a strong data and analytics team. Play Now

Episode 40: Does your data have a ‘born on’ date?

Duration - 37

Like the origins of the universe, there can be quite a mystery surrounding the genesis of your company’s datasets. Play Now

Episode 39: Identity Graph: The New Customer 360

Duration - 40

What’s the best way to get to know your customers? Learn how Wunderman Thompson understands their market using their identity graph. Play Now

Episode 38: A modern approach to data transformation

Duration - 38

We've relied on data integration processes like ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) to get the data in for decades, and little has changed in that time. Why? Play Now

Episode 37: Do you have data trust issues

Duration - 40

When data is powering your business, you expect that data to be trustworthy in real time, all the time, but that’s easier said than done. Play Now

Episode 36: What does a Chief Data Officer do?

Duration - 37

If data is the new oil, does that mean the Chief Data Officer is the new baron? Not exactly, but it is one of the fastest growing and most critical executive roles in the enterprise. Play Now

Episode 35: Do you test your data?

Duration - 37

We test our food. We test our cars. We test our code. But do we test our data? Data testing is a state of mind and commitment. Play Now

Episode 34: What can we learn from messy insurance data?

Duration - 36

The insurance industry thrives on robust, diverse, accurate, and innovative data. In fact, it’s one of the most data rich verticals around, dealing in claims, ratings, coverage, pricing, geographic, and people data and so much more. Play Now

Episode 33: Does your data governance strategy need a therapy session?

Duration - 34

Is data governance making you more productive? Or is it a pain that you just have to deal with for the good of the company? If you’ve got data issues, it may be time for a therapy session. Play Now

Episode 32: Is Your Data Fabric a Mesh?

Duration - 34

Let’s talk data management frameworks. What is a data fabric and how is it different from a data mesh? No seriously, we’re trying to figure it out ourselves. Play Now

Episode 31: Has Business Intelligence Jumped the Shark?

Duration - 33

There’s a dashboard for everything in the enterprise now, so it’s easy to answer your complex questions in graphical form. Play Now

Episode 30: Farewell 2020. Hello 2021.

Duration - 36

Our podcast began with an ambitious episode titled, “the future of data management.” And since then we’ve covered a lot of ground, from career paths and culture changes to data governance and data policy. Play Now

Episode 29: Getting your data bang for your catalog buck

Duration - 36

You may recognize your company needs a data catalog. But does your boss get it? Can you justify the investment and determine how quickly and what kind of return you’ll get? Play Now

Episode 28: How Airbnb built its internal data catalog

Duration - 34

What’s the secret behind Airbnb’s famously data-driven culture? It’s the company’s ability to provide all employees - not just the ‘data people’ - the ability to discover, understand, and trust data. Play Now

Episode 27: Master Data Management: Hot or Not?

Duration - 33

Master Data Management (MDM) sits at the intersection of metadata and data and has a lot in common with data integration, data modeling, and knowledge building use cases. It’s “old school” technology that even today confuses many data leaders. Is it still relevant? Play Now

Episode 26: The Data Landscape is CRAZY!

Duration - 34

The latest 2020 Data & AI Landscape now includes 80 boxes, each featuring anywhere from 10-30 vendor offerings! How do you navigate this landscape? Where do you start? And how do you know when you’re done? Play Now

Episode 25: Documentation matters

Duration - 31

“I love documentation” … said no one. But let’s be honest, what’s worse: having no documentation or having bad/outdated documentation? And to further make the situation worse, documentation is an afterthought for metadata and data projects. Play Now

Episode 24: The Data Governance House of Horrors

Duration - 32

Does the very idea of creating and managing new data assets keep you up at night? Do you get goosebumps just thinking about the state of your column headers? Play Now

Episode 23: Your best data source may be outside your company

Duration - 32

When you think about enterprise data, do you only consider the data associated directly with your company and its customers? It might surprise you to know external data is the fastest growing segment of enterprise data. Play Now

Episode 22: Time for a data culture makeover

Duration - 34

Is your data culture a drag? Turning it around requires you to be bold and take action. Join Tim and Juan as they discuss examples of what you should and shouldn’t do, and how to accelerate the transition to data awesomeness. Play Now

Episode 21: 95% Say Exit Polls Don’t Work. 15% Say They Do.

Duration - 35

Since 1848, The Associated Press has been counting and reporting the votes in US elections. But they haven’t always done it the same way. Play Now

Episode 20: Data work is much bigger than a soccer match

Duration - 32

Have you ever heard someone say, “data is a team sport?” The comparison makes sense. You can’t be successful on your own, you need to work well with peers, you run up against tough opposing forces. Play Now

Episode 19: What we learned at the first ever data.world summit

Duration - 33

Juan and Tim recap the biggest ideas and perspectives shared at this year’s data.world summit. Play Now

Episode 18: Data Catalog FIGHT NIGHT: Build vs Buy

Duration - 32

Data catalogs are foundational to a successful enterprise data management strategy. But, should you buy one off the rack or build it yourself using open source tools? Play Now

Episode 17: Should we salute our robot overlords?

Duration - 29

Enterprises are looking to ML/AI innovations in data management to accelerate their data strategies and achieve critical business goals. But how much of what we hear about ML/AI is real, and how much is hype? Play Now

Episode 16: Crowdsource your way to data empowerment

Duration - 30

The power of the crowd is everywhere these days. We fund companies through crowdsourcing. We crowdsource products, commercials, and designs for ugly Christmas sweaters. Play Now

Episode 15: Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist

Duration - 31

Does the future of data management involve semantic technologies? Is Semantic Web an answer to providing a universal medium to exchange data and knowledge? Play Now

Episode 14: How dirty is your data?

Duration - 31

What do you know about the quality of your data? Who’s responsible for cleaning and maintaining it? And what would ‘beautiful data’ mean to your company? Play Now

Episode 13: A data management chicken and egg

Duration - 31

What comes first, the data warehouse, or the data catalog? It’s a vexing chicken and egg question that data teams must answer. Play Now

Episode 12: Is it time to hire a data product manager?

Duration - 32

In this episode, we’ll explore how these various personas interact and why we believe a data product manager should sit right smack in the middle. Play Now

Episode 11: Get Data Governance Right for Once

Duration - 31

Data management is a broad discipline with so many people, tools, and methodologies. Sorting it all out is tough, and many companies are inclined to ”boil the ocean.” Play Now

Episode 10: Stuck in the middle: How to become an advocate for a data catalog and governance

Duration - 32

60% of organizations will use data catalogs by 2023. This prediction by IDC suggests a large number of companies are still using manual and complex processes to make sense of data. Play Now

Episode 9: What the pandemic can teach us about data governance

Duration - 31

The Coronavirus pandemic is also a case study in public data. Everywhere we look we find statistics: number of coronavirus cases, unemployment levels, economic predictions, etc. Play Now

Episode 8: How does data policy impact you?

Duration - 31

Successful enterprises understand the importance of data-informed decisions. But what role does data play in government affairs? Play Now

Episode 7: What’s the story with data lineage?

Duration - 30

How can you be certain the data you’re working with is trusted, up-to-date and understandable? Play Now

Episode 6: What’s the deal with Knowledge Graphs?

Duration - 31

What do companies like Airbnb, Google, and Lyft have in common? They put knowledge graphs at the center of their metadata and data strategy. Play Now

Episode 5: How does your data team get value from a data catalog?

Duration - 32

In this episode, we will chat how these pain points should be addressed by a data catalog in order to provide value to data teams. Play Now

Episode 4: Who’s on your data team?

Duration - 31

In this episode, we will chat about the myriad personas that interact with data, from producers to consumers and everything in between. Play Now

Episode 3: Data Integration from the trenches

Duration - 31

In episode three, data.world CTO and co-founder Bryon Jacob joins Juan and Tim to share how data integration nightmares in a prior role put him on the path to data and metadata enlightenment. Play Now

Episode 2: Don’t boil the ocean. Boil a fishbowl.

Duration - 30

This episode will look at how catalogs can address the continuum of metadata and data management and give you an achievable starting point on your journey to understanding all your data. Play Now

Episode 1: Where is Enterprise Data Management Heading?

Duration - 34

Data warehouses, big data, data lakes. How did we get here? Where is it all heading? Step up to the bar, and join Juan Sequeda and Tim Gasper as they discuss the future of enterprise data management. Play Now