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PRODUCT LAUNCH: enables trusted conversations with your company’s data and knowledge with the AI Context Engine™


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From data to decisions in minutes

Financial markets move fast moves faster

Transform what financial data can do for you. Get a unified platform that simplifies data discovery and speeds up decision-making. Access all your data under one roof, so you can make better decisions, without compromising governance and reliability.

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Make data-driven decisions, faster  

Financial institutions deal with massive waves of data that increase in volume every day. Bring your data under one roof to make search and discovery simple. No need to sacrifice governance or reliability. Chat with your organization’s personalized data, so you can ask questions like “What is the average spend of my top five accounts?” with our AI Context Engine™.

Put regulatory compliance on autopilot 

Financial firms live and die by their ability to stay compliant. You’re subject to constantly-shifting regulations around data management, reporting, and more. De-risk your workflows and stay a step ahead by automating compliance and regulatory reporting.

Improve risk modeling

Uncover the impact of network connections within your financial ecosystem. With immediate access to data that's ready for analysis from business partners, clients, and data service providers, maximize the benefits of the financial ecosystem and accelerate faster outcomes. Because when it comes to your choices and risk models, you leave nothing to chance. 

Protect sensitive client and internal data

Safeguarding your clients' sensitive information isn't just good practice—it's paramount. Pair metadata management with fortress-like security. Navigate through layers of data with confidence, knowing that access is tightly-controlled. Shield your data from threats and breaches; because trust is your most valuable currency. 

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Learn more about for Financial ServicesGet an insider's industry overview, the features and benefits that make work for Financial Services, and a glimpse into the sector-specific capabilities you can unlock with our data catalog platform.

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