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February 9th - How to accelerate your cloud data adoption journey

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How to accelerate your cloud data adoption journey with and Fivetran

Whether you lift and shift, lift and improve, or opt to deploy new workloads to the cloud, maintaining consistent data access, policies, and metadata enables self service to accelerate cloud adoption.

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The Data Mesh Governance Framework You Can Implement Today

Data mesh gained popularity in 2021 for its potential to revolutionize enterprise data management as we know it. To date, much has been written about the philosophy behind the approach, but very little has been published in regards to establishing a framework for governing the data mesh. This white paper seeks to change that.

Download it now for actionable advice that will enable you to:

  • Establish standards for treating data as a product

  • Find the right balance of decentralization and centralization

  • Transform data into knowledge that will benefit the whole of your organization