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Join's Chief Data and Strategy Officer, Jon Loyens, to review the Coalesce agenda and hear what we're most excited about attending. 

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Closing the communications gap and building trust with DataOps

Communication is hard. When data consumers don’t trust their data, they'll have more questions for their data engineers about whether their data is good to use. Data engineers already have a lot on their plate, and answering, and re-answering, questions about data is very time-consuming. This back-and-forth frustrates both groups and leads to fewer data-driven decisions when teams don't trust the data.

In this whitepaper, we discuss how’s DataOps application helps increase trust in data by using automated trust badges to provide a data status to data consumers. The application also saves data engineers valuable time by expediting pipeline investigations and impact analysis with data lineage and using monitors to streamline data health updates. 

Download Closing the communications gap and building trust with DataOps to learn how you can use to break the cycle of fractured communication and lack of trust.