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Building the bridge between data and community trust

Governance reimagined

Build trust and community engagement through data. Allocate your precious resources exactly where they’re most needed. By integrating into a unified data system, you’ll enhance inter-departmental collaboration while keeping data safe and secure.

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Streamline policy implementation

Transform policy development and implementation with data that’s easy to find, use, and understand. Accelerate decision-making when policies are informed by the most relevant and up-to-date information available.

Bolster data security

Fortify the security of sensitive constituent data with robust governance. Ensure compliance with evolving regulations, while safeguarding against data breaches at the same time. Build public confidence in digital government services.

Optimize your resources

Your public departments can’t afford to waste time or resources. Leverage data insights to maximize the impact of both. Identify areas of need and opportunity with precision, and make smarter investments in public services and infrastructure.

Function better, together

Break down silos between departments with one unified data ecosystem. Enhance collaboration across state and local agencies with shared insights and data resources. Lead the way with more cohesive and comprehensive public services.

“Now we’re able to make sure we understand where all of our data assets are and what risks are associated.”
Kate May Director of IT Operations, City of Rochester

Insights into for State and local government

Learn more about for State and local governmentGet an insider's industry overview, the features and benefits that make work for State and local government, and a glimpse into the sector-specific capabilities you can unlock with our data catalog platform.

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