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Collective Data Empowerment

Learn how to make everyone more productive with data—not just the data elite.

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The Associated Press Case Study

Learn how AP used to double data production and reach.

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A data-driven culture is more than technology.

It’s the convergence of people, data, and analysis.

Data-driven cultures are inclusive and collaborative. Outdated barriers separate people, data, and context. brings together employees of all roles, backgrounds, and skills to work collaboratively.

Future-proof your investments and let your workforce use their preferred tools. Storage, query, and analysis are constantly evolving.'s open ecosystem and APIs connect to the tools you love.

Where fits

Data and analysis should be reproducible and semantically linked. Create reusable, extensible data and analysis. uses Linked Data to make it happen. Read how in this report from the near future.

Modern pricing and deployment.'s pricing fits your journey to a data-driven culture and offers multiple deployment options. Start an enterprise trial or create a personal account today.

Get more from your data investment.

Operationalize your data, integrate your data supply chain, and empower your people. for for teams

Unify & Catalog

Catalog your data and unify your silos.

Can your people find and understand the data they need to make the right decisions? Improve discovery and exploration for everyone. Get more from your data investment.

Key capabilities & benefits
  • Catalog data and analysis across clouds, databases, lakes, warehouses, spreadsheets, and third-party services.

  • Centralize data, metadata, and documentation to improve understanding, accuracy, and quality.

  • Unify search and discovery across your data ecosystem.

  • Learn what datasets are being used by others and leverage their analysis and work.

Unify and Catalog

Customer stories for teams

Modern Data Project Checklist

Want effective, consistent, fast data projects company-wide? Start with this checklist.

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Enterprise Data Stack Audit

Send out this survey to learn what data tools your employees actually use.

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