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WTF is a Knowledge Graph and Why is it Key to AI?

Clock Icon 43 minutes

Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you think you know what they are, or maybe you’ve never given them a second thought. No matter, knowledge graphs are a powerful piece of integrating data and metadata that serves as critical context.

And with the fantastical acceleration of AI in a short time, knowledge graphs have an even bigger role to play in data-driven organizations, making critical connections with essential context to inform business decisions.

Join Juan Sequeda,’s Principal Scientist & Head of AI Lab and author of Designing and Building Enterprise Knowledge Graphs, along with Dean Allemang, Principal Solutions Architect and author of Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist at, for a discussion about just WTF is a knowledge graph and why it’s a vital part of the AI equation.

Learn more about:

  • How the inherent flexibility of a knowledge graph provides the ability to model any type of resource, from data to people to business processes and beyond

  • How the federated approach of knowledge graphs provide cross-domain context for an entire organization

  • How large-language models used in AI lack internal organizational context and why knowledge graphs are best positioned to provide that information