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Join's Chief Data and Strategy Officer, Jon Loyens, to review the Coalesce agenda and hear what we're most excited about attending. 

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Decoding Data Catalogs: The Heroes of Data Transformations

Clock Icon 38 minutes

Data transformations and data management come with many potential pitfalls that undermine efforts and lead to organizations not achieving their data goals. This digital event will pave the way on how a strong architecture with a central data catalog can enable real data transformation by aligning everyone within your organization. This leads to employees and customers being served more effectively and efficiently.

This webinar is for CDOs, CTOs, or if you're leading Data Transformations, Data Warehousing or Data Governance.

Attendees will learn:

  • The common pitfalls of data transformations an insights into how to avoid them

  • What modern architectures are required to be successful, including what role data catalogs play in this modern data architecture

  • Data catalogs are not just for IT and Enterprise Architects - but for the business to help drive transformation


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Angel Valencia Head of Data Intelligence, Marionete
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Jeff Mills Director of Partner Marketing,