April 13th:

How a global company incentive structure can transform data culture

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How a global company incentive structure can transform data culture

In this digital event, We will learn how the Prologis team achieved data quality through a global incentive structure.

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Optimize Data Team Efficiency with Knowledge-Graph-Powered Catalog Capabilities

Your data catalog should spark innovation, not stifle it. But many legacy data catalogs limit your ability to work directly with data. Eureka™ is here to change that.

An innovative suite of knowledge-graph-powered catalog capabilities, data.world with Eureka™ delivers intelligent, scalable automations that help your team more effectively and efficiently develop, discover, understand, and use trusted data products.

Join data.world VP of Product Management Tim Gasper and Principal Scientist Juan Sequeda to learn how Eureka™:

  • Brings the benefit of knowledge graph to your entire organization, improving data literacy and increasing engagement in data work.

  • Alleviates daily stressors for data engineers by reducing ad-hoc requests and improving data product self-service.

  • Makes it easier for stewards and data product managers to curate and care for massive amounts of metadata and data.

  • Saves time by surfacing the most important data and knowledge tasks, as well as info related to your query and next best actions to take.