Press: Expands Snowflake Collaboration with New Exclusive Offering to Accelerate Data Trust

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November 30th:

AI-Ready Data: Building the Foundation for Trusted Generative AI Applications

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Read the first-of-its-kind benchmark on the accuracy of LLMs in the enterprise

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Hear from Power Digital’s Chief Product Officer, Michael Murray, on how he and his team are leveraging the Snowflake Data Cloud and Data Catalog Platform to build the data foundation needed for generative AI for the advertising and performance marketing industry – and delivering a fluid data experience to their customers. 

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Why is different

A catalog for right now & what's next

You deserve better

Don't be fooled by data catalogs that are tough to use, work poorly with modern data applications, and are cloud adjacent at best. is the first and only cloud-native catalog built on a knowledge graph. That means automation, flexibility, and scale come standard.

Cloud-native SaaS

A true cloud-native data experience means never having to worry about scale, updates, or infrastructure. With you don’t need to configure your cloud instance, provision new servers to handle large workloads, or worry about skyrocketing cloud costs. And innovation never stops. New features that drive deeper use, adoption, and collaboration release to everyone as soon as they’re available.

Powered by the knowledge graph

What better way to represent the flow of information between people, data, and tools, than a knowledge graph? is built on the same foundation that companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Google use to deliver automation, discovery, and context to its customers.You can witness the power of the knowledge graph via Eureka™ Automations, Explorer, and Answers. These unique data catalog features accelerate implementation and onboarding, power interactive technical lineage, and add context to your data exploration.

Hybrid architecture support

Don’t fight data gravity. You can search, discover, and use data wherever it lives, on-premises or in the cloud. Our knowledge graph foundation enables to connect to and collect metadata from any source system, giving you a complete picture of your data landscape. This is especially important for companies running a cloud data migration. Knowing what data you have, where it lives, and what use cases it is associated with is critical.

The difference

The Data Catalog Platform is built to drive data team productivity at enterprise scale. That requires a different kind of architecture.

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True cloud-native SaaS

With, scaling, updates, and infrastructure are taken care of. No hidden costs. Stay up-to-date with uninterrupted innovation and release of new features that enhance your data catalog, governance, and dataops experiences.

Powered by a knowledge graph

Connect to any data resource in your ecosystem and expand what you can do with a data catalog. Our knowledge graph architecture delivers key automations, accelerates discovery, and unlocks new AI capabilities.

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Hybrid architecture support

Find and use data from anywhere, whether it lives on-premises or in the cloud. provides a unified, comprehensive view of your vast and diverse data landscape with the ability to run cross-platform query, get real-time alerts, and more.

B Corp

We believe that when the world’s data is transformed into knowledge, opportunities emerge for everyone – and we mean everyone. is a certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. We’re on a journey to help people use data to make more informed business decisions, and we’re committed to driving positive impact for the good of humankind.