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Risk less, achieve more with your data catalog

Insure your data’s future

You need to manage risk more effectively, and data is how you’ll do it. A comprehensive view of your data gives you the power to quickly adapt to market changes. Deliver exceptional service to policyholders, and enhance your client interactions with

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Assess risk faster

Understanding and mitigating risk isn't just part of your job—it's the heart of it. Uncover patterns and predictions that were once hidden in your data. From cyber threats to climate change to economic ups and downs, get visibility from internal and external data sources to assess risk in a dynamic ecosystem.

Simplify operations

Disjointed data leads to mistakes in claims processing and operational tasks. We offer a unified, real-time perspective on fragmented data, including definitions and context. Minimize obstacles to your decision-making. 

Grow infinitely

Insurance professionals navigate ever-expanding oceans of data. Maintain order and efficiently grow alongside your data. There's no compromise required on governance or dependability.

Enable your customers

Let your clients see the inner workings of their policies, the data-driven decisions behind their claims, and the security measures protecting their information. Build a foundation of trust so solid that clients know their coverage is as reliable as the data behind it.

“Our data scientists are always looking for new data they can use in their models. In the past, this process used to take months. Now, they can go online and get this information in minutes. We called our project “Project Gateway”, because it is a gateway to the entire data ecosystem.”
Partha Srinivasa Chief Data Officer, Verisk

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Learn more about for InsuranceGet an insider's industry overview, the features and benefits that make work for Insurance, and a glimpse into the sector-specific capabilities you can unlock with our data catalog platform.

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