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Data Governance is Killing Your Business — Time to Fix It

This talk originally debuted at TDWI’s Data Governance & Self-Service Virtual Summit.

Enterprises waste millions of dollars on failed data initiatives because they apply outdated thinking to new data problems. Trying to fix these issues with technology just makes it worse. Deploying new self-service BI and data science tools and adding a layer of governance over the top typically results in overly complex, rigid processes that benefit the few and make everyone else less productive. Agile data governance is a new practice that applies the best of agile and open software development to data and analytics. It iteratively captures knowledge as data producers and consumers work together so that everyone can benefit.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to build a data-driven culture by embracing data literacy and inclusion

  • How to use agile and open methodologies to identify business problems and assemble the teams and data to help solve them

  • 5 real-world data problems that agile data governance is uniquely suited to address

  • How to start applying agile data governance techniques within a data catalog

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