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How Automation Unlocks Productive, Engaging Data Governance

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Nearly all – 96% – of data governance leaders want more automation. Despite the desire, data governance is primarily manual – forcing teams to focus on the tactical rather than the strategic. Data Governance Powered By Eureka Bots combines automations with’s Knowledge Graph architecture to create an application that is simple, flexible, and interactive. This new application – part of’s Data Catalog Platform – enables data governance teams to be more productive, customize workflow, and engage stakeholders in data governance processes.

Get a first look at’s new data governance application and see how data governance teams can become a strategic driver with automation and automation driven workflows.

Join Jon Loyens, Chief Product Officer at, and Nancy Prabhakar, Product Manager at to learn:
  • How automations, including generative AI, improve productivity

  • How’s Data Governance application overcomes the barriers that have historically limited the effectiveness of automation for data governance

  • How the application pairs automations and automation-driven workflows to increase productivity and help them to move from tactical to strategic


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Jon Loyens Chief Product Officer,
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Nancy Prabhakar Product Manager,