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Ensuring Highly Distributed Data is Available to All with W. R. Berkley

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Learn how WR Berkley & Singlestone Consulting supported this distributed model with modern data practices and a data catalog built on a knowledge graph.

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The most comprehensive data catalog platform

Built for flexibility and enterprise-wide adoption,’s data catalog platform helps everyone who relies on data find the context and knowledge they need to use data effectively. Streamline workflows, increase productivity for data discovery, data governance, and DataOps, and ensure that your data is AI-ready. AI readiness for data starts here

Define data your way

Make data assets and metadata more relevant to your teams, and discover and model data in a way that makes sense for your organization instead of matching narrowly-defined vendor requirements.

Apply human insight

Data is more than just datasets, columns and tables. Understand how your data relates to people, roles, and processes to discover connections and relationships across your organization.

Prepare for an AI future

Empower your teams to use generative AI and automation— ensure that your data is AI-ready with improved response accuracy, explainability, and governance.  

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“If you don’t choose a data catalog platform on a knowledge-graph architecture, and bring in all data and knowledge, governed in one platform, then you are setting yourself up for failure in an AI future.”
Vip Parmar Global Head of Data at WPP data catalog dashboard

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