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The Foundation for AI-Ready Data

The Data Catalog Platform creates a map of what data exists in your organization and ties it to meaning – context and semantics. With your data and knowledge in a flexible, Knowledge Graph format, AI-powered applications have the rich context needed to generate accurate, explainable, governed responses.

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Increased Accuracy

By sharing enterprise meaning – context and semantics, a data catalog built on a Knowledge Graph boosts the relevancy and correctness of LLM responses.

Clear Explainability

Where LLMs were a black box, now they can literally show their work. With, it’s possible to directly trace LLM responses to enterprise knowledge.

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Governed responses

With proper governance in place with, your organization can limit what LLMs can access — keeping confidential and proprietary information from being exposed.

“If you don’t choose a data catalog platform on a knowledge-graph architecture, and bring in all data and knowledge, governed in one platform, then you are setting yourself up for failure in an AI future.”
Vip Parmar Global Head of Data Management

The foundation for enterprise scalable AI

A data catalog built on a Knowledge Graph complements the power of Large Language Models, combining trust and accountability with powerful language proficiency to enable scalable AI applications. 

Generative AI: Question Answering Accuracy on Enterprise SQL Databases

New benchmark examines LLM accuracy for Question Answering on Enterprise SQL Databases and the improvements offered by a Knowledge Graph

“Knowledge graphs are the appropriate target for exploiting LLMs for business value, since they are machine-readable data structures, representing semantic knowledge of the physical and digital worlds. These worlds include entities (people, companies, digital assets) and their relationships, which adhere to a network of nodes (vertices) and links (edges/arcs), the graph data model.”
Gartner "Adopt a Data Semantics Approach to Drive Business Value," Guido De Simoni, Robert Thanaraj, Henry Cook, July 28, 2023
Case Study


WPP, the largest advertising firm in the world, uses with generative AI to rethink how it services clients, helping it stand out in an $800 billion market.


Building the Foundation for Scalable AI

Learn how a data catalog built on a Knowledge Graph Architecture enables AI-ready data and creates the foundation for scalable AI applications.

We’re just built differently

A knowledge graph is the optimal foundation for enterprise AI and the only way to truly activate metadata. is the only data catalog built on a knowledge graph architecture with a framework for embeddable AI bots that increases the automation for cataloging, data governance, and DataOps.

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