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Knowledge Graph

Imagine your business — all of its metadata, processes, policies, people, and systems — connected and modeled in a manner that accelerates data discovery, opens up a world of automation, and powers artificial intelligence. This knowledge graph architecture is the foundation of our Data Catalog Platform.

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“’s knowledge graph architecture enables us to catalog business processes, decision models, and data to find bottlenecks and achieve operational excellence.”
Luke Slotwinski VP of Data and Analytics

Flexibility, federation & semantics
for all your data work

Integrate diverse data types and resources and capture the relationships between them to inform & automate. is how modern data work gets done.


Flexibility to find things, not strings. 

Like Google and Bing, search is powered by a knowledge graph that delivers context-rich answers rather than indexed results. Get details about data popularity, related analysis, ownership, and data quality in seconds, or perform deeper, graph-powered search to answer very complex questions.


Improve semantic business understanding

Document everything about your business, from employee skills and access policies to data resources and business definitions. Explore the connections and relationships between these disparate entities via graph-powered data lineage, semantic glossary, or direct query.


Power a wave of embedded data apps

Drive greater levels of efficiency and productivity across your data catalog, governance, and DataOps initiatives. The knowledge graph infuses data with context and captures the relationships between data objects to provide a foundation for’s AI-powered applications.


Unify your disparate data resources

Connect to and collect metadata from any source, including proprietary systems, and create a visual map of your federated data architecture. Our knowledge graph architecture represents disparate entities and their relationships in the form of nodes and edges that makes it easier to integrate new metadata into the catalog and query virtually anything.

“Knowledge graphs capture information about the world in an intuitive way that is often easier to understand, manipulate and use than other types of data models. Include knowledge graphs within the scope of data and analytics governance and management.”
Gartner, Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence Afraz Jaffri and Farhan Choudhary, July 8, 2022

True extensibility

Your data catalog needs to adapt, change, and be able to represent all the different parts of your business in order to paint the most complete picture of your analytics ecosystem.

Easily incorporate new data tools into your workflow so new silos don’t develop with our open and extensible platform
Connect to any solution in your DataOps ecosystem, including data warehousing, observability, lineage, BI, and more.

Fully integrated — All your metadata in one place.

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The difference

The Data Catalog Platform is built to drive data team productivity at enterprise scale. That requires a different kind of architecture.

Cloud Native Icon
True cloud-native SaaS

With, scaling, updates, and infrastructure are taken care of. No hidden costs. Stay up-to-date with uninterrupted innovation and release of new features that enhance your data catalog, governance, and dataops experiences.

Powered by a knowledge graph

Connect to any data resource in your ecosystem and expand what you can do with a data catalog. Our knowledge graph architecture delivers key automations, accelerates discovery, and unlocks new AI capabilities.

Hybrid Architecture Icon
Hybrid architecture support

Find and use data from anywhere, whether it lives on-premises or in the cloud. provides a unified, comprehensive view of your vast and diverse data landscape with the ability to run cross-platform query, get real-time alerts, and more.

Want to avoid painful data management problems that most enterprises suffer today?

Learn why knowledge graphs are the solution you are missing.

Use to fuel a variety of data initiatives

We connect the dots. You get effortless, meaningful results.

Find and understand the data and analysis you need, wherever it lives. Across data sources and formats.

Knowledge that eases your move to the cloud

Don't lose sight of your data and metadata as you migrate to the cloud. Understand what data you have, where it lives, who has access, and what use cases it is powering.

Take the "ugh" Out of Governance

Drive faster and more accurate business insights with Agile Data Governance, an inclusive process that engages stakeholders at every level of the business. democratizes data access and enables organizations to curate well-informed data products.

Power to the people and process

Unlock the seamless flow of information between data producers and consumers.

Treat your data like a product.

Empower your data teams across domains with their own metadata model and ownership over how data is structured and used. 

Infuse data with meaning and understanding

See how our knowledge-graph-powered data catalog enables a consistent, enterprise-wide understanding of your data.