Self-service Data Discovery

Stop digging. Start discovering.

Empowering business users with self-service search and discovery is critical to building data cultures. But too often data workers get lost trying to find, identify, and access the data that contributes to more informed decision making.’s modern data catalog provides a centralized knowledge repository that makes data assets easy to find and use for maximum value.

Knowledge hub

Connect all your tools and data sources to create a central one-stop library of all your important data and metadata assets

Uncover insights

Catalog and classify your data, metadata, and analysis for a detailed, contextual view of any data asset

Trust data assets

Find approved, project-relevant data and analysis so you can build on prior work.

All your data, all in one place

Power data discovery with 100+ pre-built integrations including BI, data prep, ML, collaboration, and more.

Accelerate time to data value

Search across data, discussions, analysis, and more to find what you need. is designed with a consumer-grade UI that simplifies data discovery by making it quick and easy to surface relevant insights. Capture ideas, questions, ideas, and results alongside the data so you don’t have to slow down to stay in sync.

“One of the biggest values from a user perspective was getting all of this information in a common place, which means a significant improvement in productivity of our data scientists. Our data scientists are always calling for new types of data that they can use in their models. This process used to take months to get that information. Now, they can go online and get this in minutes.”

Partha Srinivasa

Chief Data Officer, Verisk

Improve search accuracy

Uncover hidden relationships between key concepts with the only enterprise data catalog built on a knowledge graph. Metadata and data are logically organized in a machine-readable format, speeding search and discovery. Best of all, any new sources of data that you acquire or spin up get the flexibility of extending the same graph model which aligns new assets to existing business terms for a consistent search experience.

Do you have data trust issues?

Why your data catalog must be powered by a knowledge graph.

Understand and trust your data

Trace decisions all the way back to the data that informed them. gives you a high degree of confidence in the trustworthiness of your data by providing profiling, sampling, and clear lineage out of the box. You’ll know what data you are approved to access, where your data came from and be empowered to contact subject matter experts who have greater insight into when and why datasets or projects were created.

See how boosting efficiency adds up to massive returns across your business.

Reuse data to amplify its value

Discover prior work so fewer projects start from scratch.’s data catalog enables you to get more mileage from existing work by surfacing smart recommendations, recording activity, and helping people discover relevant data and analysis. Each new insight, comment, join, and query makes the data more useful to the next person.

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