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Stop digging. Start discovering.

Data Discovery that delivers 10x faster

Simplify search and discovery of trusted data assets with AI-assisted data discovery. makes it possible for everyone to find data, unlock organizational knowledge, and drive meaningful business outcomes — regardless of expertise level. Ask natural-language questions of your data and get contextual answers, complete with suggested follow-up questions.

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Democratize Your Data

Enable everyone to find data

With, data discovery is intuitive, providing a chat-like experience for finding data and context-specific results to enable confident data use. Whether you’re a data analyst, engineer, steward, or business user, you find the information you need to move business forward.


Guided ideation for powerful exploration’s Archie Bots leverage generative AI to auto-enrich data and metadata assets with natural language descriptions. Get suggested research questions that help everyone solve business problems with valuable data-driven insight.

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Go deeper with intelligent search

Our knowledge-graph powered search gets more powerful and expressive the deeper you explore. Unlike simple or advanced searches, graph search — paired with AI — delivers context-specific results, allowing you to quickly find relevant information.

Build a data-driven culture that turns business intelligence into business decisions.

Users in an array of departments and industries, across all levels of technical expertise, find the information they need to solve specific business problems by using for data discovery. Through its one-of-a-kind knowledge-graph architecture, intuitive interface, and AI-assisted search, the Data Catalog Platform unifies data sources across all data domains. With smart data discovery, customers are presented with the context they need to make confident business decisions.

Empowering a global, data-driven workforce 

WPP, the world’s largest creative agency, needed to bring together complex data sets and business processes from across hundreds of organizations. With, WPP has enabled thousands of employees to find relevant information and meaningful insights for data analysis. With that, they've rethought data management practices and achieved critical outcomes that go beyond data teams.

Fueling collaboration with data discovery

Prologis, the world’s largest logistics real estate company, recognized it needed not only a data catalog but a platform that initiated data collaboration. With as part of the team's modern data stack, Prologis was able to connect data from multiple sources and unlock meaningful data exploration. Asking questions of company data with automated data discovery tools has enabled Prologis to create a self-service data culture.

Making data democratization a reality

Publishing powerhouse Penguin Random House UK needed to provide business users with a single source of truth for trusted  data sets. Data discovery with empowers users to know what data they have access to, where it lives, who owns it, and how it is being used. This approach  fosters better data compliance with more accurate data and increased consumption of business intelligence for all users — from data scientists to business leaders.

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“A data scientist actually wasted seven days trying to find data by asking around. They found the data they wanted within 30 seconds in”
Rupal Sumaria Head of Data Governance at Penguin Random House UK

Fully integrated — All your metadata in one place.

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Learn how a knowledge graph unlocks the most comprehensive data discovery

This whitepaper provides an introduction to the broad spectrum of search and details how knowledge graphs are enabling data catalog users to explore far beyond data and metadata management.

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Access trusted data with total confidence

Know what data you are approved to access or request access in one-click with the context needed to use it with confidence. Use the Platform to understand who knows the data best,  why the  data was created, and how to best use it.

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Increase efficiency with data reuse

Discover relevant data and  projects to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of redundant work. Get more mileage from existing projects with auto-enrichment and automatically generated research questions to help people discover relevant data and analysis.

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Assess data quality and reliability

Trust the quality and reliability of your data with clear visibility into provenance, usage, and transformation with’s knowledge-graph-powered lineage.

“By 2025, large, complex organizations will use data-sharing platforms to facilitate collaboration on data-driven projects, both within and between organizations.”
McKinsey The data-driven enterprise of 2025

See how advertising giant WPP unlocked widespread data catalog adoption with the help of AI

As a hugely federated organization, WPP prioritizes initiatives that streamline and unify its catalog of brands and its global workforce. This webinar delves into how data discovery leveraging a chat-like experience makes it possible to navigate a large number of data sources for more people to become data driven. WPP shares its data democratization story, and principal data scientist, Juan Sequeda, discusses how AI unlocks more effective data discovery.

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