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AI-Ready Data: Building the Foundation for Trusted Generative AI Applications

Clock Icon 54 minutes

How do you create trusted, secure and scaled applications with generative AI? It starts with AI-ready data.

Hear from Power Digital’s Chief Product Officer, Michael Murray, on how he and his team are leveraging the Snowflake Data Cloud and Data Catalog Platform to build the data foundation needed for generative AI for the advertising and performance marketing industry – and delivering a fluid data experience to their customers. 

Murray will be joined by Ian Coe, Director of Sales Engineering at Snowflake, and Jon Loyens, Chief Data and Strategy officer at, for a deeper dive into the capabilities of Snowflake and offer for enabling AI-ready data. 

Join this digital event to learn:

  • How Power Digital built the foundation for AI-ready data

  • How Snowflake streamlines, secure generative AI application development

  • How increases the accuracy, explainability, and governance of LLM responses

  • And, get a demo of Power Digital’s Nova Cloud, a fluid way to interact with marketing data


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