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What Technology Leaders Need to Know About AI-Ready Data

Generative AI is transitioning from gimmicks and technical experimentation to more focused and strategic initiatives. With that transition, AI is moving away from data science and model-building, and instead, 70% of enterprises are exploring genAI under the technology organization's leadership, according to Michele Goetz, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester. Data is at the heart of genAI, but what do technology leaders need to know about AI-ready data?

Join Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist & Head of’s AI Lab and guest speaker Michele Goetz, for a discussion on the importance of data for genAI. Michele and Juan will discuss what technology leaders need to consider when planning their data strategy for AI, including the role of technologies like knowledge graphs and how to approach data governance and compliance.

Join this webinar for a deep dive into:

  • A discussion on why genAI is moving from data science and modeling to technology leadership

  • What technology leaders need to know about AI-ready data

  • The technologies defining the genAI data stack, including knowledge graphs


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Juan Sequeda Principal Scientist & Head of AI Lab,
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