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How to Talk to Your Boss about the Business Value of Data

Clock Icon 52 minutes

Nearly every company says they want to be more data-driven, but only about 20% of CDOs believe that their companies are on the right track. It’s time we change the conversation from data-driven to data value, and focus on business outcomes rather than data work.

Join and Daugherty Business Solutions as we spotlight what companies get right and wrong about data. And we’ll look at the critical role that data governance teams play in advancing data literacy and enhancing data value for organizations.

We will also highlight:
  • How data catalogs powered by automation and AI can make it easier for more people to participate in data work

  • How some companies are starting to crack the code on data value

  • Suggestions for establishing an inclusive data governance program at your organization.


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Tim Gasper Chief Customer Officer,
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Shannon Moore Senior Principal Consultant, Daugherty Business Solutions