June 8th:

How to Scale Data Governance Across your Modern Data Stack

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Join industry leaders from dbt Labs, Fivetran, Snowflake, and data.world to learn about the evolving world of metadata management

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Data Mesh

Data mesh is a socio-technical approach to data management that marries product thinking with a move toward a domain-driven design. data.world supports a data mesh by empowering your data teams to search for, understand, and build data products, all while enabling agile data governance across distributed domains.

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“Data mesh enables the right data to reach the right people. ”
Zhamak Dehghani, data mesh founder

Treat data as a product

A core tenant of data mesh is that data is treated as a product with clear ownership, SLAs, and customers. data.world is the “storefront” where people shop for data products, analysis, and use case recipes. 

Knowledge graph

Flexibility and agility are core to a data mesh structure. data.world’s knowledge graph allows each domain within an enterprise to have its own metadata model, giving them ownership over how data is structured and used. 

Federated query

Make sure your data domains don’t become data silos. data.world provides federated query across disparate data sources and domains for a comprehensive view of all data within the enterprise.

Fully integrated — All your metadata in one place.

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Do you know your data product ABCs?

Thinking about developing your first data product but don’t know where to start? The Data Product ABCs Worksheet provides insight into the types of questions you should be asking before kicking off any new project.

Use data.world to…

Run self-service analytics

data.world is designed with a consumer-grade UI and built-in access controls that simplify data discovery by making it quick and easy to surface relevant insights from domain owners to appropriate individuals. Search across data, discussions, analysis, and more to find what you need fast.

Collaborate inclusively

Drive data enablement and literacy while delivering iterative improvements that can be scaled across domains. Agile Data Governance is an inclusive data and analytics process that engages stakeholders across the organization.

Govern across domains

To realize the full value of a data mesh, your organization must establish a documented method of federated data governance that balances centralization and decentralization. data.world helps by facilitating the enforcement of global governance policies via Eureka Bots™ and supports data enablement with collaborative request access workflows.

data.world is a fantastic tool for the data mesh approach because it allows users to search for data even without having direct access to it.
Miguel Morgado, Product Owner at OneWeb