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In this digital event, we will explore the vast spectrum of search and the implications for data analysts, engineers, and architects.

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Data Continuity from planning through execution

Cloud Data Migration

Data governance is one of the biggest factors to the success and speed of your cloud migration. It’s critical that data access, policies, and metadata remain consistent throughout the process.’s enterprise data catalog helps ensure business continuity and visibility at every stage of the migration process so you realize a quicker return on your cloud investment.

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“64% of US infrastructure decision-makers at enterprises called out modernization as a top IT/operations priority over the next 12 months. ”
Forrester Research: The State Of The Cloud In The US, 2022
Eureka Automations™

Accelerate your time to value with Eureka Automations™ defines how relationships are built and streamlines the process of metadata onboarding, data connections, and governance. 

Visibility and insight

Inventory and understand the value of data in your on-premises environment, so you can create a prioritized backlog of what to migrate and when. 

Eureka Explorer™

Column-level technical lineage for the Modern Data Stack

Trace data lineage from source systems through integration to your cloud data store to ensure complete visibility and audibility with Eureka Explorer™

Fully integrated — All your data in one place. Integrations
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The Agile Data Governance Playbook

The Agile Data Governance Playbook

A guide to implementing Agile Data Governance in the enterprise.

Use to...

Integrate with and connect to all data sources

Connect all your tools and data sources to create a one-stop library for all your important data and metadata assets, whether they live in the cloud or on-premises.’s knowledge graph extends your data model to any new sources and applies business context without costly infrastructure reconfigurations or deployments.

Search and discover

Query live data across disparate on-premises and cloud sources via data virtualization and federated query. This makes comparing new and old sources and data models easy, building trust and confidence.

Collaborate around workflows

Agile Data Governance empowers all stakeholders to participate in an inclusive data and analytics process by increasing productivity in a safe, consistent, and auditable way. Integrating this practice into your cloud migration ensures quick access to clear, usable, and reliable data, regardless of where you are on your cloud migration journey.

“Our technology stack is like a jigsaw puzzle and is the piece that connects everything together. It’s very powerful and unique.”
Vipul Parmar Global Head of Data Management, WPP