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Stick Your Cloud Data Migration Landing

Cloud adoption can be the gateway to unlocking a trillion dollars in business value, but inefficiencies and delays in the cloud migration process can derail your digital transformation. Ensure a successful cloud data migration by cataloging all of your data, whether from an on-premises data center or in the cloud. Get the necessary metadata and metrics to prioritize and move only the data you need.

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Jumpstart your Data Migration

Accelerate your time to value

Streamline your cloud migration process by evaluating relationships and gaps between your data assets using’s knowledge graph. Reduce project time by building dependencies into the plan for your data migration project based on data lineage. Identify and migrate important assets first to onboard your teams faster and reduce downtime for critical business reports.

Set up your cloud data ecosystem for success

Use insights from to prioritize and plan, then move only what you need. Add valuable context to assets during your migration process so your teams can understand relationships between old and new assets. Refine your data pipelines to successfully migrate your data by auditing all source data assets to understand how much data is still up-to-date and eliminate redundant assets. 

Empower stakeholders to collaborate

Migration projects are people-intensive and involve many different teams and roles. Organize and oversee migration tasks for collections of assets and assign them to key stakeholders. Collaborate effectively with teams during and after migration via an easy-to-use UI to ensure that comprehensive documentation and business process migration follow your data to the cloud.

Increase your cloud data’s ROI faster when you unify data and knowledge and spur collaboration

Organizations use to accelerate time-to-insights with its cloud data migration tools.  Unify data sources, make it easier for data users to find data assets, and eliminate data redundancies as you move to the cloud.

Collaborate on digital transformation

With, Prologis embarked on a large digital transformation initiative to move their data to the cloud. Their goals for their cloud data migration included making sure their data was well-organized, clearly-explained, available for self-service. They use as a centralized platform to enable their entire organization to explore data, collaborate, and tie data to business processes.

Prioritize data self-service

OneWeb’s team needed a self-service approach to support their data mesh strategy across 30+ Snowflake tenants and enable their data consumers to find trustworthy data products. provides value to OneWeb’s data hub by centralizing data knowledge and context in one platform and providing data lineage to help data consumers understand and trust data pipelines and increase confidence in their data.


Increase trust in data products

With, Penguin Random House UK’s team created a single source of truth where data consumers can discover trusted data products with approved accuracy and data quality. They prioritized a cloud-first data catalog that could also unify their legacy systems and cloud data platform. Today, all of their approved, quality data products are found in with data owners and more that 1,600 measures. 

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“As the 74% of decision-makers who are starting their organizations’ cloud journey move more data to the cloud, they need to address key challenges to ensure they are getting the most out of their data and can leverage that data at scale, gaining agility, increasing cost efficiency, and making better informed decisions.”
Forrester Research: New Data Management Models Are Essential To Operate In The Cloud, 2022 A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Capital One

How to accelerate your cloud data adoption journey with and Fivetran

Learn how to unveil end-to-end data pipeline visibility, implement a plug-and-play agile data governance approach, and accelerate cloud adoption ROI with Fivetran and

Use to...

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Reduce migration surprises

Observe relationships between your data using column-level data lineage, powered by a Knowledge Graph. Enable everyone  to see how assets, people, and processes are connected to ensure you don’t miss any important assets or use cases.

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Identify high-value data assets

Perform a comprehensive migration analysis by evaluating data assets, data movement, and data transformations. 

Answer questions like “what are your most connected, most complex data assets?” and “What data assets are not used today?”

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Upgrade to a modern data stack

Take advantage of end-to-end visibility and AI-powered capabilities that comes with being a part of a modern data stack. 

With modern data stack partners that handle cloud data warehouses to data transformation to data analytics, is a core part of a modern data ecosystem for your new cloud platform.

“Our technology stack is like a jigsaw puzzle and is the piece that connects everything together. It’s very powerful and unique.””
Vipul Parmar Global Head of Data Management, WPP

Read up on data migration strategy and processes

Moving your data to the cloud and not sure where to start? Need some additional tools and resources to get ready for your migration? We’ve got a helpful guide with cloud migration deployment models, benefits of moving to the cloud, common cloud migration challenges, and more.

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