June 8th:

How to Scale Data Governance Across your Modern Data Stack

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Join industry leaders from dbt Labs, Fivetran, Snowflake, and data.world to learn about the evolving world of metadata management

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Business context for every data asset

Semantic Layer

Data is your organization’s most valuable asset, but alone it lacks the context your analysts need to make intelligent decisions. data.world’s knowledge-graph-powered data catalog is inherently semantic, enabling a consistent, enterprise-wide understanding of your data.

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“The power of the knowledge graph behind data.world really drew us in. Because with the knowledge graph, we have the ability to establish relationships between data, business, and decision elements. ”
Luke Slotwinski, VP of Data and Analytics, Prologis

Built on a knowledge graph

Represent business terminology as concepts and relationships that are understandable by people and machines in the exact same way. This is the technology that powers data.world’s semantic search and discovery engine.

Model anything

data.world adheres to strict standards managed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) including RDF, OWL, and SPARQL, allowing you to model anything – even policies, metrics, and people.

Technical extensibility

Extend your data model to any new sources and apply business context without costly infrastructure reconfigurations or deployments.

Fully integrated — All your metadata in one place.

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Forrester Wave Graphs

data.world named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Catalogs for DataOps, Q2 2022

“A robust knowledge graph delivers strong metadata capture, management, and data visibility.”

Use data.world to…

Reflect the language of the business

data.world creates a logical view of your data using business-friendly terms. And when everyone works from a common frame of reference, you can accelerate time-to-insight and develop powerful data products using any data anywhere.

Ensure interoperability

Your data architecture must evolve with your business, so it’s important that your catalog is flexible enough to support new applications, schemas, and metadata models. data.world’s knowledge-graph-based foundation ensures interoperability with your architecture today and into the future.

Support your data fabric

Connect data and knowledge at scale in a distributed and decentralized manner. data.world simplifies data integration, providing a single, semantically organized view of your trusted data.

“97% of employees in enterprise organizations are non-technical and unable to work with raw data.”
Mohammed Aaser, Chief Data Officer, Domo