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Deliver Trusted Data

Create an Agile Data Governance Program

Drive fast, accurate business insights with Agile Data Governance, an inclusive data governance framework that enables data stewards to engage stakeholders at every level of the business. Dramatically accelerate the delivery of well-governed data with automations and automation-driven workflows.

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Automation-driven Workflows

Remove friction

Remove friction from your data governance program with highly configurable automations and automation-driven workflow that improve productivity, engage stakeholders, and increase speed to delivery of analytics.

Powerful Lineage

Get the complete picture

Give your data stewards, data governance team, and data consumers a more complete, top-down picture of your data and analytics ecosystem with's knowledge-graph powered data lineage.

Meet Rules & Requirements

Drive domain-centric stewardship

Enforce global governance policies, meet regulatory requirements, and implement internal rules with domain-centric curation and highly configurable workflows.

A data governance framework for data-driven organizations

From multinational enterprises to government organizations, a diverse array of organizations leverage's Data Governance application and an agile approach to data governance to accelerate the delivery of well-governed analytics, mitigate risks, and curate reusable data products. provides a flexible, robust Data Governance application that empowers data stewards to drive business outcomes.

Streamlining data governance

WPP is a creative agency working with global clients representing the world's leading brands. Data is subject to compliance, privacy, & security laws across a wide variety of countries. streamlines WPP's data governance processes with automation and making every request and task auditable. Data stewards have insights into who is authorized to access information, how they are using it, and data users can instantly see the data owners, data definitions, data lineage, and more.

Mitigate risks while saving time & money

With, the City of Rochester is able to enforce data governance policies to mitigate risk and reduce its cyber-security insurance rates. The City of Rochester uses the data catalog to implement self-serve data access and discovery, saving time, and money, while enabling the team to hire and train a data governance leader to oversee and champion future data projects. The City’s adoption of has empowered the team to support a strong data governance initiative.

City of Rochester

A single source of truth for trusted data

With, Penguin Random House has created a single source of truth for business users, where they can find well-governed data products.  The data stewards know exactly what data they have, where it exists, who has access, and how it is being used. With this information, Penguin Random House has created a data-governance program where users can be assured of a data asset's accuracy and data quality.

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The Data Governance application from will help us streamline those processes through the data catalog while also making them fully auditable – greatly improving intelligence and productivity.
Vip Parmar Global Head of Data Management at WPP

Fully integrated — All your metadata in one place.

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Learn about the Data Catalog Platform

Drive your organization toward its AI-enabled future with If data discovery, governance, and DataOps are your priorities, there's no better platform.

Use to...

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Automate time-consuming tasks

Remove the manual effort from the most time-consuming data governance tasks in one-step automations. From data access requests to metadata freshness, saves data governance teams time and helps them to move from tactical to strategic.

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Create flexible workflows

Easily create flexible data governance workflows that map to your organization's needs, including multi-approver workflows, to ensure that there is always a human in the loop. Create these workflows without the need for developer resources or hours of training.

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Enable everyone to find trusted data

Remove the friction from your data governance programs by making it easy to find, understand, and access data. Get all the context needed to use data, including data definitions, data quality, and data lineage, in the data catalog or directly in your analytics application.

80% of organizations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance.
Gartner Hype Cycle for Data and Analytics Governance, 2022

Download the Agile Data Governance Playbook

Unlike a top-down data governance program that seeks to control and parametrize every aspect of data access, Agile Data Governance empowers stakeholders to participate in an inclusive data and analytics process. Download the Agile Data Governance Playbook to learn how to create a data governance framework that enables well-governed analytics.

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