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How to Scale Data Governance Across your Modern Data Stack

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Case Study


The Challenge

WPP’s data environment is very complex. It is composed of several tools, technologies, and platforms, serving hundreds of organizations. The WPP team needed a data catalog to help them handle vast amounts of data, spread far and wide across the organization.

WPP wanted to democratize data across the enterprise in what is an incredibly complex and siloed data and analytics environment with a “multitude of data sources, analytics, and data visualization tools.”

The company selected data.world.

“data.world really shone out, it was the only data catalog I’ve ever seen that is really agnostic, giving an array of integration capabilities.”


WPP at a glance

HQ: London, UK
Industry: Advertising & Media
Ticker: WPP (NYSE)
Data catalog users: Approximately 1400
Countries: 152
Companies: 500+
Use Cases: Data Discovery, Data Integration
Challenge: How to find, curate and inventory data
Solution: data.world offers both data virtualization and data management

Top priorities 

1. Find the data
2. Understand its meaning
3. Use it effectively to grow the business

“We were in a quest to find that perfect data catalog that addresses our challenges. We wanted a solution that had the same pioneering approach that we do towards our client’s needs.”
Vip Parmar Global Head of Data Management, leads the catalog initiative for WPP.

The Solution

data.world is now WPP’s data storefront, providing data consumers with immediate access to data and analysis and a collaboration workspace. Data producers can easily find and create curated datasets. data.world is powered by a knowledge graph, which opens up so many realms of possibilities for WPP’s use cases.

The company is recognizing tremendous efficiency in its data work because so many of the obstacles associated with finding, connecting, and integrating data are removed. And by presenting relevant metadata including data origin and use, WPP employees are far more likely to trust the data they’re working with.

“Our technology stack is like a jigsaw puzzle and data.world is the piece that connects everything together. It’s very powerful and unique.”