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Data Cataloging Powered By Archie Bots accelerates data discovery with AI-assisted search, deep contextual results, auto-enrichment, and extensive data lineage. The Data Catalog Platform enables data discovery and assures all data users can harness enterprise data to power business success.

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Find all of the data and context you are looking for 10x faster

End time-wasting data hunts that come up empty and create more questions than answers. Ask natural-language questions of your data, including follow-up inquiries, to ensure users rapidly find the right information.

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Increase the understanding
and trust of data

Empower your users to put data to work with confidence. Surface description, lineage, stewardship information, and where else it’s used directly into the tools that users leverage every day.

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Unlock self-service data for business users

Empower all your users, regardless of technical skill, to find and use the data they need. Save the time of your whole data team to work on the big projects that require their specific expertise.’s Data Catalog application accelerates and contextualizes data discovery for everyone

intuitive Data Discovery

Enable everyone to find data

With, data discovery is intuitive, with a chat-like experience for finding data and context-specific results to enable confident data use. Data analysts, data engineers, data stewards, and business users all find the information they need to solve business problems.

Generate Business Value

Guided ideation for powerful data exploration’s Archie Bots leverage generative AI to auto-enrich data and metadata assets with natural-language descriptions. See suggested research questions, helping everyone generate business value with better data usage.

Quickly find relevant data

Go deeper with intelligent search

Our knowledge-graph powered search gets more powerful and expressive the deeper you explore. Unlike simple or advanced searches, graph search — paired with AI — delivers context-specific results, allowing you to quickly find relevant data.

“A data scientist actually wasted seven days trying to find data by asking around. They found the data they wanted within 30 seconds in”
Rupal Sumaria Head of Data Governance at Penguin Random House UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Archie Bots do?

Archie Bots make it easier for everyone to use to discover data and unlock organizational knowledge – regardless of expertise level. Archie Bots integrate the power and flexibility of’s knowledge graph-architecture with LLMs.

How do Archie Bots work?

When performing a task, Archie Bots generate a prompt. That prompt is sent to the LLM being used, including, but not limited to, OpenAI’s GPT, to generate or interpret natural language.

What problem do Archie Bots help solve?

Only 11% of employees report being confident in their data skills. Archie Bots enable the full spectrum of enterprise data users to be more efficient and effective in their use of data, even if they lack data expertise or can’t write SQL queries.

What differentiates Archie Bots from other generative AI offerings?’s knowledge graph architecture captures knowledge about the data in the form of facts and relationships. The knowledge graph architecture provides Archie Bots with the explicit knowledge needed to answer a question, while the LLM enhances the ability to respond in a natural and context-sensitive manner.

Learn how a knowledge graph unlocks the most comprehensive data discovery

This whitepaper provides an introduction to the broad spectrum of search and details how knowledge graphs are enabling data catalog users to explore far beyond data and metadata management.

Data democratization starts with the data catalog

Guiding all users to right data

Prologis, the world’s largest logistics real estate company, recognized it needed not only a data catalog but a platform that initiated data collaboration. The data catalog tools have enabled them to pull from a variety of data sources, including cloud data, on-prem sources, and unstructured data.

Empowering a global, creative workforce 

With, WPP, the world’s largest creative agency, has enabled thousands of employees to find relevant information for data analysis and meaningful insights. With that, they've enhanced business metadata with business context and achieved critical outcomes that go beyond data teams to provide accurate business insights.

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