We’re incredibly proud and excited to announce that data.world is the first data catalog to become a Snowflake Premier Technology Partner and a Snowflake Powered by partner. The recognition is a validation of our strong Data Cloud integration, joint customer successes, and data-driven reporting and metrics. Together, Snowflake and data.world are committed to building inclusive and agile data ecosystems.

Three Reasons This Recognition Matters to You

1.  Proven Best in Class

data.world meets Snowflake’s stringent Premier Partner qualification criteria, which are among the most-demanding in the industry. Our Snowflake Ready Technology Validation certification confirms that our integrations are optimized for functionality and performance, and Snowflake has also verified our native connector for deployment, security, documentation, and cross-cloud compliance.

But Snowflake doesn’t stress-test our catalog alone; being awarded their Premier Partner recognition being named a Premier Partner is a recognition of our dozens of our shared customers — including OneWebPenguin Random House UKPrologisVopak, and WPP — who have reaped the benefits of their experience with the data.world and Snowflake integration.

2. Built to Scale

Snowflake Premier Partners must also possess a strong architectural foundation. Our patented knowledge-graph-based platform is built for massive scale and flexibility, extending the same graph model across any new sources of data that you acquire or add. Our catalog grows alongside your data architecture as you add new tools and applications, making it the solid option for enterprises migrating to or extending their Snowflake Data Cloud.

3. Deep Usage Metrics

data.world metrics and reporting is Powered by Snowflake and provides deeper insights into how your company’s data assets impact business objectives. Catalog metrics show who is using the data, how often, and for what purpose. We are the only data catalog with a reporting layer powered by Snowflake, which means you are getting rich and unique insights into how data and data-driven use cases are performing across your business.

See What Else data.world Can Do for You

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