The Future of Data Catalogs w/ Ole Olesen-Bagneux

About this episode

Data Catalogs are at the center of every enterprise’s data strategy. It’s important to explore the current state and how data catalogs are evolving. Who better to talk about Data Catalog than the author of the upcoming O’Reilly book “The Enterprise Data Catalog”, Ole Olesen-Bagneux from GN.  

Join Tim, Juan, Ole to discuss the future of data catalogs and why knowledge is at the center.

Special Guests:

Ole Olesen-Bagneux

Ole Olesen-Bagneux

Author of The Enterprise Data Catalog @ O'Reilly | Data @ GN

Key takeaways
  •  How you can really efficiently organize metadata for good search
  • Data lifecycle needs to be managed via data catalog
  • POSMAD – Plan, Obtain, Store/Share, Maintain, Apply, and Dispose

See the catalog for data discovery, governance, access, and analysis.

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