April 13th:

How a global company incentive structure can transform data culture

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How a global company incentive structure can transform data culture

In this digital event, We will learn how the Prologis team achieved data quality through a global incentive structure.

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Long live the monolith? W/ Andy Palmer


About this episode

It wasn’t that long ago that enterprise software was dominated by proprietary data architectures from the likes of IBM, Oracle, and SAP. Once you made a selection, you were stuck with it for better or worse, in sickness and in health. 

But that’s not the case today. The methodical movement towards resilient, open SaaS applications and best-of-breed tools has ushered in the era of DataOps buoyed by the “modern data stack.” But, is this a good thing?

Join Tim, Juan and special guest  Andy Palmer, CEO of Tamr, to talk open vs. closed ecosystems and how to decide what’s right for you.

This episode features
  • How DataOps will reshape the next wave of best-of-breed systems

  • Will monoliths make a comeback?

  • What was a big purchase you made that you almost immediately regretted?

Key takeaways
  • DataOps is KEY

  • DevOps cannot be bought with just ONE tool

  • Control data quality at the source

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Special Guests

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Andy Palmer Co-Founder & Chairman, Tamr