Episode 46: Data Organization: Reap what you Sow

About this episode

Every maturing company hits a point where the processes and systems that once worked no longer scale. Don’t let this happen to your data organization. 

Join Juan, Tim, and this week’s guest, Meetesh Karia from The Zebra, while they live brainstorm about scaling data teams and processes. They’ll look at how the small seeds you plant along the journey can pay huge dividends later on. It all stems from the seeds you plant along the way; the people on your team, the balance of efficiency vs. resilience and the processes…


Special Guests:

Meetesh Karia

Meetesh Karia

CTO/CDO, The Zebra

This episode features

  • How to strike a balance between efficiency and resilience
  • Structuring teams for continued success 
  • If you could grow a garden of anything, what would it be? (Not the obvious; money)
Key takeaways
  • As the organization grows, business expertise and the data expertise will diverge
  • Efficiency vs resiliency of your processes
  • Create a template for your team and visualize the roadmap

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