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Dec 2022 How to fuel innovation with agile data governance

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Thriving data cultures prioritize inclusion, collaboration, and transparency over command and control. They work iteratively vs. trying to "boil the ocean." But of course, this is easier said than done, right? 

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What happens when everyone is a data worker? w/ Kelly Wright from Gong

About this episode

In a relatively short time, we’ve gone from collecting and neglecting data to managing, enriching, and learning from data. We are in the age of collective data empowerment, where user-friendly apps and data ubiquity mean almost anyone can answer complex business questions. So why does the “data-driven” enterprise still sound like a pipe dream?

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Kelly Wright, president and COO at Gong and former VP at Tableau, for a discussion on data and analytics past, present, and future.

This episode features
  • Ways organizations can maximize the value of data they are already collecting

  • How to address challenges with data and application sprawl 

  • The Gong Show was a popular TV talent show in the 70s. What was your favorite game show growing up?

Key takeaways
  • Understand the true reality! Everyone is a data worker!

  • Valuable assets in an org: people, people, people… and then data

  • When people are empowered to answer their own questions, faster.. they like their job more.

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Special Guests

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Kelly Wright COO at Gong