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What happens when everyone is a data worker?

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About this episode

In a relatively short time, we’ve gone from collecting and neglecting data to managing, enriching, and learning from data. We are in the age of collective data empowerment, where user-friendly apps and data ubiquity mean almost anyone can answer complex business questions. So why does the “data-driven” enterprise still sound like a pipe dream?

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Kelly Wright, president and COO at Gong and former VP at Tableau, for a discussion on data and analytics past, present, and future.

This episode features
  • Ways organizations can maximize the value of data they are already collecting

  • How to address challenges with data and application sprawl 

  • The Gong Show was a popular TV talent show in the 70s. What was your favorite game show growing up?

Key takeaways

  • Understand the true reality! Everyone is a data worker!

  • Valuable assets in an org: people, people, people… and then data

  • When people are empowered to answer their own questions, faster.. they like their job more.

Special guests

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Kelly Wright COO at Gong
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