April 13th:

How a global company incentive structure can transform data culture

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How a global company incentive structure can transform data culture

In this digital event, We will learn how the Prologis team achieved data quality through a global incentive structure.

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The gateway to your data world

Enterprise data catalog

Accelerate your transition to a knowledge-centric organization with data.world’s enterprise data catalog. Our cloud-native platform combines an intuitive user experience with a powerful knowledge graph to deliver enriched data discovery, governance, and actionable insights.

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Search across data, discussions, analysis, and more to find what you need. data.world is designed with a consumer-grade UI that simplifies data discovery by making it quick and easy to surface relevant insights.


Get the right data in the hands of the right people. Give everyone the tools they need to access it, use it in accordance with compliance policy, and contribute knowledge that enhances your data’s value.


Bring together data producers and consumers in real-time, eliminate knowledge gaps, and get reproducible, trustworthy analytics. Capture ideas, questions, and results in context so you don’t have to slow down to stay in sync.

Use data.world to fuel a variety of data initiatives

We connect the dots. You get effortless, meaningful results.

Find and understand the data and analysis you need, wherever it lives. Across data sources and formats.

Knowledge that eases your move to the cloud

Don't lose sight of your data and metadata as you migrate to the cloud. Understand what data you have, where it lives, who has access, and what use cases it is powering.

Take the "ugh" Out of Governance

Drive faster and more accurate business insights with Agile Data Governance, an inclusive process that engages stakeholders at every level of the business. data.world democratizes data access and enables organizations to curate well-informed data products.

Power to the people and process

Unlock the seamless flow of information between data producers and consumers.

Treat your data like a product.

Empower your data teams across domains with their own metadata model and ownership over how data is structured and used. 

Infuse data with meaning and understanding

See how our knowledge-graph-powered data catalog enables a consistent, enterprise-wide understanding of your data.

Rethink your data catalog expectations

Our data catalog is just different. data.world is more than a metadata repository, a data dictionary, and a discovery engine. It’s how modern data work gets done.

Do data smarter

Eureka Automations™

Eureka Automations™ make deploying and managing your catalog faster, easier, and smarter. Use templated SPARQL scripts to automate imports and enrichment of your data catalog including auto-generation of business glossary and relationships.

Make your data actionable

Eureka Action Center™

Eureka Action Center™ is a dynamic dashboard that answers the question, “What do I need to take action on now?” Helpful resources, recent activity, and pending alerts focus your attention on important data and knowledge tasks.

Augmented intelligence

Eureka Answers™

Eureka Answers™ surfaces the most relevant concepts from the knowledge graph to the top of your search so you can find what you need fast. Top concepts present users with “at-a-glance” custom metadata configured by catalog stewards and include descriptions, technical metadata, related people, and resources.

See the big picture

Eureka Explorer™

Eureka Explorer™ is a visual map of your data and relationships powered by the knowledge graph. Understand your data landscape in a powerful way with an enhanced graph visualization that enriches your metadata and lineage experiences.

Your data in real time

Data virtualization

View and query data directly from the data.world platform using live database connections. Your data continues to live at its source location. That means no synchronization and no size limits – just up-to-date data that never leave your secure environment.

Find your data anywhere

Federated query

Explore and join data from anywhere with federated query. data.world enables fast exploration of data regardless of where the data is hosted. No other data catalog offers this capability.

True extensibility

Your data catalog needs to adapt, change, and be able to represent all the different parts of your business in order to paint the most complete picture of your analytics ecosystem.

Easily incorporate new data tools into your workflow so new silos don’t develop with our open and extensible platform
Connect to any solution in your DataOps ecosystem, including data warehousing, observability, lineage, BI, and more.

Fully integrated — All your data in one place.

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The data.world difference

Find and understand the data and analysis you need, wherever it lives. Across data sources and formats. Our cloud-native SaaS platform leverages the power of the knowledge graph to make data discovery, governance, and analysis easy.

Meet Eureka™

Eureka™ brings our data catalog to life. Powered by the knowledge graph, Eureka™ accelerates discovery, recommends next-best actions, provides simplicity through automation, and delivers comprehensive data lineage.

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Query Anywhere

Connect to and query live data across disparate sources, including on-premises and cloud-based modern data stack applications, via data virtualization and federated query.

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Model Everything

Model any type of asset and integrate across the entire data stack. data.world’s flexible metadata model means you can catalog new sources and represent unique systems, relationships, or properties tailored to your business.

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“With the knowledge graph, we had the ability to establish relationships between data elements, business elements, and decision elements.”
Luke Slotwinski VP of Data and Analytics
“Our technology stack is like a jigsaw puzzle and data.world is the piece that connects everything together. It’s very powerful and unique.”
Vip Parmar Global Head of Data Management