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Accelerate adoption of AI with the AI Context Engine™️, now generally available

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Be the architect of your AI-driven future at "Blueprints for Generative AI." 

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Generative AI you can trust and verify

You want to get more valuable insights from generative AI, but LLMs are notorious for providing inaccurate, unreliable responses. What’s missing? The business context surrounding your data. How can LLMs peek into your organization’s brain? With the AI Context Engine™️.

Help LLMs navigate and decode your data and business context with a knowledge graph so you can ask complex questions and receive accurate, explainable answers at scale.


Harness the potential of trustworthy AI

Scale data workflows with AI agents

Use multi-step intelligent agents alongside your LLMs for key jobs to be done like data catalog lookups, query validation, and query explanation. Leverage agents for use cases like analytics, governance, and more.

Build and extend using our integrations

Utilize the API, starter kits, and plugins to easily integrate the AI Context Engine into your AI apps, experiences, and chat interfaces, including Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Have deep conversations with your data

Ask complex data questions in natural language and get trustworthy answers and insights at scale. The AI Context Engine does the work to translate your question into SPARQL and SQL queries.

Never be misunderstood

Generative AI speaks the language of your business when combined with the AI Context Engine. Connect the dots between your data and business context—terms, definitions, metrics, and processes—to enhance AI applications and experiences.


Increase the accuracy of AI-powered insights

Give teams accurate information from the get-go so they can make better data-driven business decisions using structured data. An LLM backed by a Knowledge Graph is 4.2x more accurate than one relying solely on SQL databases. 

Follow the logic

Enhance trust in AI with explainability

Gain visibility into an LLM’s “black box” by reviewing how SPARQL and SQL queries are created to generate answers and what data sources they draw from. Easily comply with regulatory and governance requirements with full explainability of how responses were generated.


Streamline governance for GenAI

Show third-party regulators exactly how and where your AI-powered apps use your data with comprehensive AI lineage and audit tools. Within the data catalog platform, identify, approve, and reuse popular questions and answers to streamline analysis while reducing AI risks.

Say hello to trusted AI insights

Want to learn more about the AI Context Engine? Schedule a demo with our team to learn more about the product and how your team can use it to drive your AI initiatives forward.

Customers using AI with

“With the AI Context Engine, we’re accelerating implementations. Most importantly, we can demonstrate what the data is doing and how the LLM is generating responses—this level of explainability significantly improves trust and accelerates the adoption of AI.”
Cris Hadjez Senior Director of Data Governance
“The AI Context Engine bridges the gap from discovery to use, seamlessly and effectively. We will roll out these capabilities and realize our vision in months; without, we'd be looking at years.”
Vip Parmar Global Head of Data Management
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