Be the architect of your AI-driven future at our digital event "Blueprints for Generative AI."

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Be the architect of your AI-driven future at "Blueprints for Generative AI." 

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Automations, answers & data lineage powered by the knowledge graph

Activate your metadata and speed time to data-driven answers and insights with Eureka™

This innovative suite of catalog capabilities uses the power of the knowledge graph to deliver intelligent, scalable automations that help people more effectively and efficiently develop, discover, understand, and use trusted data products.


Benefits for every member of your data team

Data leaders

Provide the benefit of knowledge graph to your entire organization, empowering all employees to increase their engagement and literacy with data

Data producers

Alleviate daily stressors associated with data landscape management and minimize frequent data requests by enabling greater self-service of data products

Data stewards

Operationalize your governance program to curate and care for massive amounts of metadata and data, and simplify reporting and auditing with automated, intelligent policy management

Data analysts

Save time by surfacing the most important data and knowledge tasks, and easily find the metrics that matter most to your query, as well as related info and next best actions to take with Eureka™


Eureka Bots™ make deploying and managing your catalog faster, easier, and smarter. Use templated SPARQL scripts to automate imports and enrichment of your data catalog including auto-generation of business glossary and relationships.

Action Center

Eureka Action Center™ is a dynamic dashboard homepage that helps you answer the question, “What do I need to take action on now?” Helpful resources, recent activity, and pending alerts are just a few features that will focus attention on important data and knowledge tasks.


Eureka Answers™ surfaces the most relevant concepts from the knowledge graph to the top of your search so you find what you need fast. Top concepts present users with “at-a-glance” custom metadata configured by catalog stewards and include descriptions, technical metadata, related people, and resources.


Eureka Explorer™ is a visual map of your data and relationships powered by knowledge graph. Understand your data landscape in a powerful way with an enhanced graph visualization that enriches your metadata and data lineage experiences.

We connect the dots. You get effortless, meaningful results.

Find and understand the data and analysis you need, wherever it lives. Across data sources and formats.

Knowledge that eases your move to the cloud

Don't lose sight of your data and metadata as you migrate to the cloud. Understand what data you have, where it lives, who has access, and what use cases it is powering.

Take the "ugh" Out of Governance

Drive faster and more accurate business insights with Agile Data Governance, an inclusive process that engages stakeholders at every level of the business. democratizes data access and enables organizations to curate well-informed data products.

Power to the people and process

Unlock the seamless flow of information between data producers and consumers.

Treat your data like a product.

Empower your data teams across domains with their own metadata model and ownership over how data is structured and used. 

Infuse data with meaning and understanding

See how our knowledge-graph-powered data catalog enables a consistent, enterprise-wide understanding of your data.






Do you know your data product ABCs?

Thinking about developing your first data product but don’t know where to start? The Data Product ABCs Worksheet provides insight into the types of questions you should be asking before kicking off any new project.

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