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Are you swimming upstream by not streaming data?

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About this episode

Are you on Team Batch or Team Stream? Next-gen data warehouses, lakehouses, ELT, and orchestration have made batch more modern and popular than ever, but more and more use cases - from fraud detection to smart energy grids -  rely on continuous streams to make real-time decisions. Is streaming the coming revolution, or just another way to process data?

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Arjun Narayan, CEO of Materialize to discuss all things data streams and how these pipelines fuel the modern data stack.

This episode features
  • Reasons why streaming analytics still kind of sucks

  • The future of batch processing in the modern data stack

  • Brook, creek, or river: Which is the best stream and why?

Key takeaways

  • Decision is made and now an action needs to be automated.

  • Humans will look at the batch, optimize for interaction workflows. 

  • Streaming is an implementation detail.

Special guests

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Arjun Narayan CEO, Materialize
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