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Your best data source may be outside your company

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About this episode

When you think about enterprise data, do you only consider the data associated directly with your company and its customers? What about data acquired from open data portals or third-party brokers? It might surprise you to know external data is the fastest growing segment of enterprise data. That’s because third-party data can often provide the missing bit of crucial context that improves your decision making.

But because this type of data doesn’t come from their own internal systems, companies often struggle with data management. In this episode, Tim and Juan will be joined by Jeremy Baksht from Ascential to discuss the ins and outs of external data acquisition and how enterprises should prepare for data marketplaces.

This episode features
  • Insights on buying and selling data

  • Challenges and opportunities of managing external data

  • Live Q&A and chat

Special guests

Avatar of Jeremy Baksht
Jeremy Baksht SVP, Ascential