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Case Study


OneWeb pulls data from 700 satellites in to understand outages and keep its global customers happily online.


OneWeb is a communications company building a 700-satellite constellation that will provide global satellite Internet broadband services to people everywhere.

OneWeb needed the ability to share mass amounts of data from satellites that were being sent to one of 31 different data lakes around the world.’s knowledge-graph powered data catalog empowered OneWeb’s engineers to find and access data across these separate domains.

Miguel Morgado is the Product Owner of the self-service data hub at OneWeb.

“One problem we had was to understand where our satellites were failing. How do we collect this data and make it available to our engineers so they can solve these real life problems? We needed to share the data between domains in the proper data mesh approach.”


OneWeb at a glance

HQ: London, UK
Use Cases: Data Discovery, Self-Serve Data, Data Mesh
Benefit:'s knowledge-graph-powered data catalog easily enables a data mesh architecture
Industry: Communications
Challenge: How to empower satellite engineers to find and understand crucial design and performance data

The Challenge

OneWeb wanted to give their satellite engineers access to data from domains distributed around the world, and empower them to discover the data they needed in a self-service infrastructure. 

Data Mesh: Data on satellite design and performance needed to be shared globally from all domains in order to improve satellite design.

Data Discovery: OneWeb wanted to empower users to find the data they needed with a self-service approach.

The Solution

OneWeb uses the data catalog to govern data from all of their 31 data lakes, allowing their satellite engineers to share and access crucial performance data used for satellite design. By establishing a data mesh architecture — supported by’s knowledge-graph-powered data catalog — OneWeb is able to improve their product design and functionality with the collective knowledge of their workforce.

“In terms of data mesh, I’ll say the process is more important than the products. But having the right products to implement a data mesh is important as well.”

Learn how OneWeb took its data from space to end users in minutes

“ is a fantastic tool for the data mesh approach, because it allows users to search for data even without having direct access to it.”
Miguel Morgado Product Owner at OneWeb

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