Press: Expands Snowflake Collaboration with New Exclusive Offering to Accelerate Data Trust

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December 7th:

Chat with Data Benchmark: Improving the Accuracy of LLM Responses in the Enterprise

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Read the first-of-its-kind benchmark on the accuracy of LLMs in the enterprise

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Join’s Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist & Head of our AI Lab, Dean Allemang, Principal Solutions Architect, and Bryon Jacob, CTO & Co-Founder, to see how a Knowledge Graph can improve the accuracy of LLM responses by 3X; and learn how a data catalog built on a Knowledge Graph can increase trust in LLMs with clear explainability and governance.

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The Next-Generation Catalog for Modern Data Management

Infrastructure and compliance-focused data catalogs have failed to deliver on the promise of driving data culture in the enterprise.

It is time once again for data catalogs to evolve.

Next-generation data catalogs are cloud-native and knowledge first. Built on a knowledge graph with a flexible and extensible metadata model, they make it easy to discover, govern, and analyze data at scale. Put simply, they are the front office for modern data management.

Download the ebook to learn why is different from existing solutions and how we can help you achieve a knowledge-first approach to data and analytics governance.