April 13th:

How a global company incentive structure can transform data culture

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How a global company incentive structure can transform data culture

In this digital event, We will learn how the Prologis team achieved data quality through a global incentive structure.

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How to Use data.world to Solve for Common Data Engineering Use Cases

When evaluating a data catalog, every data engineer wants to know one thing:

“What’s in it for me?”

In this live demo, Mo Dodge answers that question and highlights several high-value use cases data.world solves for:

  • Data Discovery – Understand what data you have, who knows about it, and how to solve problems more efficiently for greater impact

  • Real-time Collaboration – Learn the ins and outs of in-app collaboration including how to to ask questions, mention co-workers, and suggest changes

  • Open Ecosystems – Gain deeper insight into knowledge graph functionality and how our open-source platform supports continuous growth

  • Tracking and Retention – Capture and retain migration and tracking information to better understand when and why decisions were made

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