Be the architect of your AI-driven future at our digital event "Blueprints for Generative AI."

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Be the architect of your AI-driven future at "Blueprints for Generative AI." 

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Fast, Adaptive, Ready for Outcomes – Data That Works for Your Business

Join as we welcome special guest Michele Goetz, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester and author of The Forrester Wave™: Machine Learning Data Catalogs, Q4 2020 (newly published!).

Agile is more than a buzzword or development methodology; it’s a way of life for data. You may be rolling out an enterprise-ready cloud data platform or keeping up with the data needs of data scientists and solution developers, Agile Data Governance ensures you design, develop, deliver and evolve quickly, in a coordinated manner, and are tuned to the outcomes and ROI your business expects.

Join us for a deeper look at the new world of DataOps and how Agile Data Governance gets your organizations to:

  • Apply Agile practices and responsibilities to build, reuse, and reimagine data products

  • Open access, understanding, and utilization to all data

  • Adapt internal and external data sources to insight and operational needs

  • Extend data literacy and do data governance and not even realize it

  • An advanced insight-driven state with data intelligence and cataloging

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