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Case Study

Learning Care Group

Learning Care Group uses to provide data access, business context, and inform employee decisions.

Kristin Schooley is the Senior Manager, BI & Data Delivery, at Learning Care Group, the second-largest for-profit child care provider in North America. An international leader in child education and family solutions, Learning Care Group provides early education and care services to children between the age of six weeks and 13 years.

“We’re data rich. But how do we get people to use our data more? How do we get them to access the data, understand it, and then build off it?”


Learning Care Group at a glance

HQ: Novi, Michigan
Use Cases: Data Discovery, Self-service analytics, Data Democratization
Benefit: The Learning Care Group increased their data analysts’ productivity by utilizing’s user-friendly dashboard
Industry: Education
Challenge: Learning Care Group knew they had already collected the data they needed to make more-informed business decisions. The issue was helping stakeholders find the data they needed and then understand what it was telling them.

The Challenge

Learning Care Group was focused on encouraging and facilitating data use in non-technical business-user decision making across their business.

Data Discovery: Learning Care Group wanted to empower users to find the data they needed with a self-service approach.

Data Democratization: As much as wanting to make data easily available, they also wanted to make data understandable, for analysts, business users, and stakeholders across the company.

The Solution’s consumer-grade UX allows Learning Care Group employees to search across discussions, analysis, and more to easily find and understand the data they need.

“Our experience with the team has been phenomenal. They’ve been with us every step of the way. I believe adding a data catalog has really changed the scope of the way we think about our organization and who we are.”

“As we continue on our journey toward self-service analytics, wherever that journey leads us, I do believe we’re a much stronger company today because we are providing our employees and colleagues an opportunity to understand who we are as we grow and develop.”
Kristin Schooley Senior Manager, BI & Data Delivery, Learning Care Group

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