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Sure you’re responsible, but are you ethical?

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About this episode

When we think about good, responsible data stewardship, we often think in terms of compliance and governance. We talk about access, trust, and consumption. But there’s another dimension we must consider if we’re to be truly responsible with data. We simply can’t ignore the role of ethics in data use. 

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Partha Srinivasa, award-winning CIO/CTO/CDO and current CDO of Verisk, for a conversation about data responsibility and ethics.

This episode features
  • Common misperceptions about data and ethics

  • How to build ethics into your data practice

  • Can you be both ethical and a fan of the morally dubious Seinfeld?

Key takeaways

  • Be responsible; use the data for what you say you're going to use it for.

  • The industry as a whole needs to influence the change around the importance of data ethics.

  • SPIRIT: Security, Privacy, Inclusion, Responsible/Reliable, Impartial, Transparency

Special guests

Avatar of Partha Srinivasa
Partha Srinivasa CDO, Verisk
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