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December 7th:

Chat with Data Benchmark: Improving the Accuracy of LLM Responses in the Enterprise

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Read the first-of-its-kind benchmark on the accuracy of LLMs in the enterprise

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Join’s Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist & Head of our AI Lab, Dean Allemang, Principal Solutions Architect, and Bryon Jacob, CTO & Co-Founder, to see how a Knowledge Graph can improve the accuracy of LLM responses by 3X; and learn how a data catalog built on a Knowledge Graph can increase trust in LLMs with clear explainability and governance.

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A Roadmap to Data Mesh Success

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About this episode

Some of the greatest breakthroughs throughout human history can be attributed to the biotech field, from life-saving vaccines to advances in supply chains. So it’s no surprise that biotech is also a fast-mover when it comes to innovative socio-technical paradigms like data mesh.

In this episode, Tim, Juan, and Omar Khawaja, Global Head of BI at Roche, break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of the company's data mesh journey.

This episode features
  • How to identify potential use cases and pick the one to prioritize

  • How to think about ownership when data and tools are widely distributed

  • You’ll be at Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas next month. So will we. What’s the best buffet food?

Key takeaways

  • Read it, ignored. Then read it again.

  • Go nuts.. In an organized manner.

  • Not everything needs to be automated.

Special guests

Avatar of Omar Khawaja
Omar Khawaja Head of BI, Roche