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October 5th:

Harnessing How Allegheny County Serves 1.2M Residents

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Join Geoffrey Arnold, Allegheny County’s Manager of Enterprise Data and Analytics, as he details how his team of five has brought together 80% of its departments with cataloged data on, how they encourage better hands-on data stewardship, and why this matters for the citizens of the county.

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Do we have a data infrastructure crisis?

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About this episode

Is your data infrastructure designed for the next decade of data work? Probably not, but are you at least heading in the right direction? It’s an existential question that often reveals fundamental flaws in the system. 

Join Tim, Juan and special guest Mammad Zadeh, former VP of Engineering at Intuit, for a deep dive on data tools, leadership, and change management.

This episode features
  • A look at the rocky road ahead for CDOs

  • How to effectively scale data teams

  • What's your crisis comfort food?

Key takeaways

  • Data found itself in the front, as a product; not as back door anymore.

  • Over-centralization (such as all the data engineers sitting in one silo responsible for everything) -- it doesn’t scale.

  • Data leaders need to zoom out from just the technical deep view and become more business-oriented.

Special guests

Avatar of Mammad Zadeh
Mammad Zadeh Engineering Executive